The Great American Bachelor

From Adrienne Staff and Sally Goldenbaum comes the story of a small-town girl who shows a high-powered bachelor that some things in life are more important than the perfect deal. Cathy Stephenson moves from rural Indiana to Florida seeking a new start in paradise. Shortly after she arrives, however, a car accident plunges Cathy into the ocean. Luckily a gorgeous, dark-haired stranger--who just so happens to be America's most eligible bachelor, according to Time magazine--saves her from a watery demise, kick-starting a romantic journey that changes Cathy's life forever. Michael Winters is an intense workaholic with no time for love and affection. Even after he plucks a beautiful damsel in distress from the ocean and onto his yacht, Michael has no intention of slowing down. He must make an important meeting in the Caribbean--whether the naive girl from the Midwest likes it or not. But when a sudden storm maroons the mismatched pair on a desert...
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The Dragon's Revenge

The Dragon's Revenge by Courtney Henke J. D. Smith watched the woman with the wild chestnut hair and sky blue eyes coach a football team of tough youths and wondered how it would be to tangle with the dragon lady! He longed to kiss Charly's defiant mouth, to watch her eyes change color when surprise became desire, and to understand this beautiful, hot-tempered spitfire whose middle name was Trouble! Charly had to find a way to persuade J. D. to fund her school's program for difficult kids, but challenging him to share her life and watch her work let him get too close to resist. Charly tempted J. D. with playful seduction, taught him delicious games he'd forgotten, but when they dueled with wits and bodies, both had everything to win--and something to lose. J. D. needed to convince his lovable, changeable hellion she deserved to be cherished, but fear and pride made a formidable wall. Could one slightly tarnished knight storm Charly's defenses and win her love?
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Sunny Says

A light paranormal and romantic comedy with a powerful love story. Sensual. Struck by lightning as a child, Sunny Larkin awoke with an uncanny ability to predict the weather. A bolt of a different sort hit her again when, dangling out of a fourth story window by a mini-blind cord, she looked up into the eyes of Kale Hoaglin, TV network stud and heir to KRIP, the good news station in Corpus Christi, Texas, where she worked. The minute he grabbed her hand and hauled her inside, Kale could almost smell the ozone and feel the air crackle as he pulled the fresh-faced slip of a weather reporter against him. Although he developed a potent yen for her, this cute little blond was too young, to naive for a jaded correspondent whose work took him to the cesspools and battlegrounds of the world. As soon as he got this crazy station back on track, he'd be gone. But maybe he'd underestimated Sunny--her abilities and the power of her heart and her dreams.
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Step Into My Parlor

Anne Foxworth Jennings was out of cash and nearly out of hope when she stepped inside Spider's Houston pawn parlor to trade her diamond watch for enough money to stay one step ahead of the man who had threatened her life. But Spider proved to be her knight in shining armor, and Anne finally found the time--and the courage--to trust again.
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Paradise Cafe

In this sensual tale from beloved author Adrienne Staff, a life-saving hero sets out to convince a mild-mannered beauty that desire means jumping in headfirst. After falling out of her raft into the river rapids, Abby Clarke is sure that she's going to drown . . . until she's suddenly pulled from the water--terrified, desperate, and soaking wet. Abby has never enjoyed flirting with danger, but the daredevil in front of her--a ruggedly handsome outdoorsman with deep gray eyes--makes her forget all about being safe. Jack Gallagher is a heart-stopper who likes a challenge, a man of few words and fast moves--especially when destiny tosses a woman like Abby into his path. After escorting her home, Jack can't resist trying to get this damsel in distress to open her heart. Abby's always been one to plan for tomorrow, but Jack is living proof that today is the only certainty--and that reckless passion is always worth the risk. Includes a special...
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A Man to Believe In

Deborah Harmse's charming and warmly passionate romance proves that sometimes a woman just needs to follow her heart--not her head. If timing is everything, then Cori McLaughlin is in serious trouble. She's on the brink of opening her own business, and now the sexiest guy on the planet sends her into a tailspin. Jake Tanner is rugged, gorgeous, and caring, a man most women would risk everything for. But life has taught Cori that going solo is the only way for a woman to stay whole. Men bring chaos, heartbreak, and shattered dreams. And her dreams are too big to sacrifice. Jake knows he fell in love with Cori the moment he saw her, but getting through her hard-edged independence will be a tough job, even for a successful building contractor. Still, the overprotective big brother in him is about to get a lesson in letting love take its own sweet course. Passion guarantees thrilling and turbulent waters, but forever needs the deep promise of something...
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