The Dream Beings

Born with a mysterious gift he never wanted... a gift that could mean his death.When Jack Evens's name appears in blood at the scene of a grotesque ritualistic murder, the private investigator is drawn into a conflict that extends beyond reality, into the realm of dreams...and nightmares.A serial killer is after him, but this is no ordinary psychopath. This killer is controlled by mysterious creatures from another realm. If he hopes to survive, Jack must finally come to terms with his psychic ability, a gift that has haunted him since he was a child.At stake are the women the killer has targeted, Jack's own life, and something much more...something of cosmic proportions.
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What to Do When You Meet Cthulhu

Providing insight into the famed Cthulhu mythos of H. P. Lovecraft as well as the countless mythical threats that creep among Earth’s population, this comprehensive handbook explores the transdimensional beings, subterranean creatures, and fantastical beasts that lurk in the corners of time. From encounters with Barnabas Marsh and Wilbur Whateley to dangerous seaside communities, this witty exploration covers the multitude of imaginary dangers, escape options, and chances of survival when confronting these horrors. Shoggoths, Nightgaunts, ghouls, and Cthulhu all have ventured into popular culture in the form of cuddly toys, but as this entertaining overview proves, these monsters are not so warm and fuzzy when met face-to-face, face-to-muzzle, or face-to-tentacles. Authoritative and hilarious, this “survival guide” sheds light on the mysterious and often unimaginable world of Cthulhu.
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Songs From Spider Street

Spider Street is a particular place in an abandoned future Paris where the secrets of tomorrow, yesterday and all the times lost in-between are revealed to those who are strong enough to listen. A collection of dark short stories. **About the Author Mark Howard Jones lives in Cardiff, UK. He has had work published in magazines, books and on the web on both sides of the Atlantic. 
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Cthulhu Attacks!: Book 1: The Fear

For half a billion years, Cthulhu has lain trapped in R’lyeh, dead but dreaming. But now the stars are right, and the Old One is rising. Instant death for hundreds of millions, insanity for many more. And he hasn’t even gotten out of the water yet. World governments and a desperate and frightened populace scramble to understand, survive, and ultimately fight back against an enemy so powerful his presence could kill every human on Earth without him even noticing we are here. Buckle up for apocalyptic suspense as you witness what happens when CTHULHU ATTACKS! **
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The Time Eater

When Roger Borough receives an unexpected call from a mysterious woman, he is summoned into the past by news that an old college friend is dying. When he encounters James Steiner again the floodgates of his unconscious become unlocked, releasing a deluge of memories and fears he has worked hard to forget. But that's not all. Their reunion also unearths a secret, a ritual from their shared past that awakened an entity so vast, so outside of space and time, that it shattered their youthful reality. Now that entity is back. And it is ravenous and all-devouring...
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