TOM MIX AND PANCHO VILLA: A Novel of Mexico and the Texas border

TOM MIX AND PANCHO VILLA It’s 1913, and Tom Mix, young cowboy and future movie star, rides south of the border to fight at the side of the charismatic Pancho Villa, Mexican revolutionary leader, already a legend. In the violent beauty of war-torn Mexico a partnership is formed, and an epic is born. Caught up in this sumptuous panoramic novel are some of the most dynamic characters ever to come to life on a page: Hannah, Tom’s voluptuous Jewish fiancée; Rosa, the beautiful Indian child widow who loves Tom; Elisa, the sophisticated German rancher who becomes his mistress; Rudolfo Fierro, “the butcher,” who lives to kill his enemies and vows to end Tom’s life; Lieutenant George S. Patton, Jr., who ceaselessly hunts both Villa and Fierro; and above all, the tempestuous Pancho Villa, a man of ungovernable emotions, a hero and, at the same time, a villain larger than life. This is a story of romance and friendship, loyalty and revenge, politics and gold – an adventure that Publishers Weekly called “grand entertainment, full of wit, charm, and zest.” The Los Angeles Times wrote that “Irving spins a fantasy worthy of Mark Twain,” and the Houston Chronicle said, “Irving’s wonderful big new book is a rollicking, ribald tale.” The Chicago Tribune concluded that “[Tom Mix’s] exploits – on the battlefield, behind the lines, in bed – are told with riveting skill.” REVIEWS “Fabulous, big, rawboned wild-blooded adventure tale that gives the sights and sounds and smells of a turn-of-the-century world real enough to touch. Clifford Irving has written a novel to make any writer proud and many readers grateful.” — Los Angeles Herald Examiner “Move over, Butch and Sundance, it’s not that I love you both less, just that I’ve come to love Pancho and Tom more... a high-stepping, swashbuckling romance inspired by the unassailable historical fact that in his greenhorn youth, before he became a movie-star cowboy, Tom Mix rode in the company of the peasant revolutionary Pancho Villa ... Who among us has not wished he’d grown up as romantically as Mix does here?” — New York Times Book Review “With Tom Mix and Pancho Villa, Clifford Irving takes his place among the giants of contemporary literature, dazzling us all with this robust, rousing, riproaring work of art.” — Ernest Lehman “Intelligently conceived, rapidly paced, attitudinally wry, earthy – a well-written, cannily contemporary tale about the past.” — Dallas Times Herald
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Howard Hughes

Wealth. Influence. Magnetism. Mystery. In twentieth century America, one man alone embodied all these qualities in their purest form. During a life which read like the wildest imaginings of a Hollywood scriptwriter, Howard Hughes - billionaire tycoon, pioneer aviator, playboy, eccentric and movie mogul - became a totem of fascination around the globe. In his twilight years, the mystery surrounding him intensified when he became a total recluse, hiding himself away in shady hotel suites for more than a decade. Some believed him to be dead; others thought he had gone crazy. Few really knew the truth - just as Hughes preferred.The ambiguity surrounding him spawned one of the first modern media obsessions. Speculation abounded, from the business pages of broadsheets through international magazine articles down to the sidewalk opinion-makers. And unsurprisingly there were few books written about Hughes' fascinating life - a life which was rumoured to be on the brink of ruin. So New...
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The Court

In William J. Coughlin's The Court, the fourth Charley Sloan Courtroom Thriller, nine Supreme Court judges will soon decide four history-making cases. Eight of them will split along party lines four to four. The ninth judge, holding the swing vote, will tip the scales of justice. He's a good man, a fine man, and, unknown to nearly everyone, a dying man—barely kept alive by machines in a very private hospital.High-powered Washington attorney Jerry Green is one of the privileged few who discovers American justice rides on the rise and fall of a respirator. Now he's been called by the President himself to do something about it. It's a hunt for truth that will arouse his darkest suspicions...force him to make a shocking choice...and save the legitimacy of American justice. Or shatter it forever...
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Clifford Irving's Legal Novels - 02 - FINAL ARGUMENT - a Legal Thriller

A selection of the Literary Guild and a New York Times best-seller. "A courtroom thriller, a mean streets thriller, and an Everyman study of good and evil all rolled into one. And every part of it is terrific. What a wonderful piece of storytelling."-- Donald Westlake, The New York Times Ted Jaffe, a Florida district attorney, sends Darryl Morgan, a convicted murderer, to Death Row. Ten years later, now in a lucrative private practice, Ted returns to the same courtroom in a desperate attempt to save Morgan's life. Connie Zide, the widow of the murdered man, a beautiful older woman whom Ted has loved previously with a rare passion, stands in his way. A masterly tale of murder, courtroom justice, marital love and infidelity, FINAL ARGUMENT is set among beachside multimillionaires and features the rarest of heroes - a criminal lawyer with a conscience. Can Ted Jaffe represent a murderer he once prosecuted? The legal establishment wants to disbar him for it. Can Ted deal with his past loves and indiscretions? FINAL ARGUMENT is about his battle - at the risk of career, marriage, and personal safety - to free a man he believes he has grievously wronged. The London Daily Express hailed it as "a spellbinding courtroom drama." Kirkus Reviews said: "A potent threat to your reserves of midnight oil." Publishers Weekly wrote: "This superior thriller is a top example of the genre." "Only a handful of American authors have ever been able to transform murder and infidelity into poetry, and Clifford Irving is one of those writers ... Not to be missed - this book has best-seller stamped on every page."-- Donald Porter, Mystery News "Clifford Irving owes me two nights of sleep. What a deep, rich, dazzlingly written novel." -- Ernest Lehman, author of THE SOUND OF MUSIC screenplay. "Two cliffhanger trials, a moral crisis, romantic love, sexual issues ... it's all here." -- Mail on Sunday (London) From Publishers WeeklyIrving's 11th novel (after Trial ) is a fast-moving legal thriller noteworthy for its virtuoso interweaving of story lines, numerous plot twists and superior characterizations. At age 48, Ted Jaffe seems set for life: he's a partner at one of Florida's most prestigious law firms, and has a devoted wife and two children who love him. Then Elroy Lee, arrested on a cocaine charge, phones Jaffe because his name looks familiar in the Sarasota Yellow Pages. Lee testified 12 years earlier in a case involving the murder of rich Floridian Solomon Zide; Jaffe, then a state prosecutor, obtained the conviction of a young black man named Darryl Morgan who still sits on death row. Facts now suggest that Lee lied on the stand, but if the trial is reopened, Jaffe's wife would find out that he was having an affair with Zide's socialite wife, Connie. Jaffe ponders why he became a lawyer and races for a new trial before Morgan's fast-approaching execution date. Culminating in an edge-of-the-seat courtroom showdown with plenty of surprises, this superior thriller is a top example of the genre. Literary Guild, Doubleday Book Club alternate. Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Kirkus ReviewsHell hath no fury like the women Irving's lawyer heroes love and leave. This time, Ted Jaffee, a former prosecutor now growing fat at a Sarasota partnership, will rue the day he ever laid hands on Connie Zide, whose wealthy husband Solly was supposedly killed by a man Ted prosecuted 12 years ago--but who, new evidence suggests, may be innocent. The unsavory source of the new evidence is Elroy Lee, a.k.a. James Lee Elroy, who tries to barter his way out of a coke possession charge with the admission that his testimony against fellow-inmate Darryl Morgan was bought and paid for by crooked cop Floyd Nickerson, the man who also testified that Darryl had confessed to him even though Darryl denied in court he had done so. With every reason to avoid returning to the scene--he'd broken off with Connie even before her husband was shot; his realtor wife Toba is going through tough times and doesn't need the revelation of his old affair; his son Alan is just starting on the drug-using road that could make him another Elroy Lee unless he gets prompt, decisive help; even his partners in Sarasota make it clear they disapprove--Ted is nonetheless drawn to the sullen man he'd put away for a dozen years, and vows to reopen his case. Key witnesses who haven't disappeared stonewall or suddenly die; Ted's mentors and colleagues are aghast at his switch from prosecuting to defending Darryl; and Ted's own client, on first meeting him, tries to kill him. If you think all this slows Ted down from seeing that justice is done, you haven't read many books like this. Not as fresh or resourceful as Irving's last take on a similar subject (Trial, 1990), but still a potent threat to your reserves of midnight oil. -- Copyright ©1993, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.
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When the Nixon administration dealt Clifford Irving a 2 ½ year prison sentence for committing the Howard Hughes Autobiography Hoax, the 41-year-old author was shocked . . . and unprepared to serve time. In prison, he learned how to jail and prevail. But then he was caught with contraband, moved to a three-star penitentiary, and later accused of inciting a riot and conspiring to kill the warden. This is the true and penetrating story of how Irving survived and won the battle for his freedom. After his journal was excerpted in Playboy, the full memoir hasn't been available until this special new for 2012 eBook edition. The cover photo of the author was taken at Alcatraz in July 1979 - While on a voluntary visit! Related:
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The Judgment

The death of innocenceIn a rural area outside of Detroit, bodies are being found in the snow. One after another. Neatly washed, wrapped in platic, methodically laid out like sleeping angels. And very, very young.The birth of evilForty miles away and at the other end of the world, an honest cop, the deputy chief chief of police, has been framed for a corruption charge. In a world of big-city politics, he wants ace lawyer Charley Sloan to get him off.The only hopePulled into the two very different cases, Charley faces the heat of a perplexnig serial murder investigation and the heavey hitters of the Motor City's inner circle. Interviewing witnesses, putting together clues, Charley Sloan, a man who has been at the bottom and at the top, is about to uncover the explosive difference between true innocence-and the most dangerous guilt of all...The Judgement
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Death Penalty

Detroit lawyer Charley Sloan has been around the block once or twice. Down for the count, drinking heavily, a three-time loser in the marriage wars, Charley repairs his tattered career and gets back in the game. Heading his rogues' gallery of clients is the infamous, twisted angel of mercy, Doctor Death, whose patients have a strange habit of dying under very peculiar circumstances.But now Charley steps into a case with the opportunity to do some good. The high stakes include a literal matter of life and death. And, as he quickly discovers, they also include the sinister stench of corruption that reaches to the highest levels of jurisprudence-including Charley Sloan's respected mentor. Suddenly, a rock and a hard place never looked so good.
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Justice Hunter

A hotshot big firm lawyer is hand-picked to go after a South Philadelphia restaurateur with possible ties to the Italian mafia. The slick Chairman of the white-shoe firm claims it’s the case to get Hunter Gray his well-deserved partnership nod. But the firm’s head is up to something much more sinister. Hunter’s falling for the Chair’s ex, a sexy judge on the Common Pleas Court bench, which doesn’t sit well with the cunning boss. With Hunter’s best friend nearly killed and the Chief Judge murdered in cold blood, Hunter’s life starts to spin out of control, putting survival and his own freedom at the top of his list. Little does he know that one of the least likely people is pulling all the strings, turning the trial lawyer’s life into a living hell.**
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Clifford Irving's Legal Novels - 03 - THE SPRING -- a Legal Thriller

"Clifford Irving delivers a parable about aging and euthanasia -- book discussion groups will love it. Recommended for all libraries."- Library Journal Set today in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, this is the tale of a snowbound mountain town with a young woman mayor and a secret to protect from the outside world - a secret worth dying for, and perhaps worth killing for. "An extraordinarily entertaining and thoughtful combination of LOST HORIZONS and PRESUMED INNOCENT. Not only is it a mystery -- on at least two levels -- but it poses troubling questions concerning prolonged life and its ultimate value. - Booklist Dennis Conway, New York lawyer, has moved west to marry Sophie, the beautiful mayor of the 9,000-feet-high hamlet of Springhill. When his new in-laws are charged with murdering two of their close friends, Dennis is shocked, disbelieving, and volunteers to defend Sophie's parents at trial in Aspen. THE SPRING is at one and the same time a love story, a murder story, a courtroom novel, and a skiing adventure story with the most gripping avalanche scene ever written. "Irving drives his narrative from the fantastic to the realistic and back again, playing a game that's sure and steady. Highly recommended." -- Publishers WeeklyFrom Publishers WeeklyA simple, fabled premise?the existence of a Fountain of Youth?supports this modest suspenser from Clifford (Final Argument). The age-conquering waters here flow in a spring located thousands of feet above Aspen, Colo., their existence known only by the several hundred denizens of the town of Springhill. To avoid arousing the suspicion of outsiders, the townsfolk have entered into a pact to die voluntarily at the age of 100. The plot, which revolves around a murder trial arising from the discovery of the bodies of two of the Springfield dead, lays bare the inevitable kinks in so apparently practical and civilized a social contract. The intensely rural setting, reminiscent of that of The Shining or Deliverance, helps to cultivate a low-level tension, as do small but disturbing incidents like the disappearance of a cat or an anecdote about a woman's decapitation by avalanche. More melodramatic frights erupt at appropriate intervals. Irving drives his narrative from the fantastic to the realistic and back again, playing a game that's sure and steady?but one that's safe as well. Fans of risks in horror or suspense won't find them here. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Library JournalThe hamlet of Springhill nestles high in the Colorado Rockies. Residents are bursting with health, but they guard a secret: they grow old very, very slowly...and they decide when to die. When Manhattan attorney Dennis Conway falls in love with Springhill's mayor, Sophie Henderson, he and his two children move in with her. He's charmed by her parents, Scott and Bibsy, and by Harry Parrot, the town drunk/artist, but curious about the Water Board, an entity that wields great power over the townsfolk. When his in-laws are accused of illegally assisting in the suicide of two friends, he agrees to represent Bibsy. The secret (easy to guess, but who cares?) is revealed, and Dennis endangers his family to save someone whose time is up. Irving (The Argument, S. & S., 1993) delivers a parable about aging and euthanasia that's spare of prose and thoroughly creepy; book discussion groups will love it. Recommended for all libraries.-?Laurel A. Wilson, Alexandrian P.L, Mount Vernon, Ind.Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc. 
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Proof of Intent

Okay, so your client is a liar. Does that make him a murderer?In the dark hours of morning, Charley Sloan arrives at the palatial home of Miles Dane, celebrated novelist from the Detroit suburb of Pickeral Point, to find Dane's wife murdered in their bed.Dane tells Charley he was downstairs working. Heard nothing, saw nothing.The police arrive. Dane tells his story again. Only, this time there's a mysterious intruder fleeing down the hallway, with Dane in pursuit.Miles Dane became a famous writer because he had a wild and violent imagination. But now that imagination seems to be getting him in trouble. The more he talks to the police, the crazier his story sounds. Is he making things up because that's just what he does? Or is it because he has something to hide?Once the cops uncover physical evidence linking Dane to the crime, they're sure they know the answer. Dane is charged with murder.Charley Sloan has his work cut...
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Clifford Irving's Legal Novels - 01 - TRIAL - a Legal Thriller

A Literary Guild selection and New York Times best-seller. The movie starred Beverly D'Angelo, Peter Strauss, Ned Beatty, and Jill Clayburgh as "Judge Lou Parker." "The courtroom scenes are breathtaking ... gripping suspense ... riveting!" -- Publishers Weekly An adventure into the real world of criminal law, setting a new standard for legal thrillers, Clifford Irving’s powerful novel deals with murder, the perils of love, and the morality of justice, Twisting and relentless, TRIAL follows Texas lawyer Warren Blackburn as he defends two accused murderers in two separate cases. One of his clients, Johnnie Faye Boudreau, is a former beauty queen and now owner of a topless nightclub, who shoots her multimillionaire doctor lover - she claims - in self-defense. The other, Hector Quintana, is a homeless illegal alien accused of killing a man for his wallet. Without warning, the two cases merge and become one; as a result, Warren's entire life and career are threatened. William Safire in his "On Language" column in The New York Times called this "the novel of the year." "Don't begin this book at bedtime or you'll be up all night ... TRIAL is like a birchbark canoe or a seven-layer cake. You can go crazy trying to figure out how it's made, and it's made by a master." -- Caroline See, Los Angeles Times "Riveting legal edge-of-the-seater, has Texas and American justice by the tail." -- Daily Telegraph (London) "A lively plot ... the Texas atmosphere against which the story unfolds is sharply drawn. Fun, fast-paced, and solidly researched." -- The New York Times Book Review "Jet-propelled ... colorful, down-and-dirty characters ... most readers will want to read this at one sitting." -- Library Journal From Publishers WeeklyThe courtroom scenes are breathtaking in Irving's ( The Angel of Zin ) new novel. Warren Blackburn practices criminal law in Houston, in the same Harris County courthouse where his late father was a respected judge. When he executes a perjurious affidavit on behalf of a client whom he foolishly trusted, Warren is suspended from practice for a year. Upon his return, he is relegated to the detritus of criminal defense work, until he suddenly becomes counsel to two defendants in murder cases, one celebrated. Warren discovers that one of his clients was likely the actual murderer in the other case, but lawyer-client confidentiality prevents disclosure, and he is trapped in a Kafkaesque dilemma. Although the plot holds few surprises, Irving's development of the trial-related issues is masterful, providing gripping suspense. Similarly, while some of the extralegal parts of the narrative (Blackburn's marital problems, his predictable affair with a court stenographer) are rather contrived, the court proceedings, strategy and testimony are authentic and first-rate; and the cross-examination of the one pivotal "eyewitness" is riveting. Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Library JournalFollowing the stigma of an ethics probe, attorney Warren Blackburn gets another chance--to assist a famous lawyer in a scandalous murder trial. At about the same time he agrees to serve as public defender for a poor Hispanic accused of capital murder. Wife Charm is getting tired of their lifestyle and leaves. After the famous lawyer dies, Warren takes over the defense of J.F. Boudreau, the beautiful manager of a notorious topless club, accused of shooting her lover. (There are several other crimes, all related.) The author has crowded his narrative with colorful, down-and-dirty characters, including a feisty woman judge, a wino, a court reporter attracted to Warren, and, especially, Boudreau, who is steamy, resourceful, and unforgettable. The legal points are artfully presented, and the story is jet-propelled. Most readers will want to read this at one sitting. Highly recommended.- Robert H. Donahugh, formerly with Youngstown & Mmahoning Cty. P.L., OhioCopyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc. 
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