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The Greater Game

The year is 2179.The human race has expanded beyond the solar system, inhabiting planets around a dozen nearby stars. But space travel is slow and restricted, making control of these new planets from Earth difficult. Out of view of the homeworld, almost anything might be going on...Meanwhile, on Mars, a radical new government has its own plans for cutting the umbilical with Earth, and the game it is playing could bring devastation to the solar system. Unfortunately, few outside of the red planet know the identity of the other players, let alone understand the rules of the game.Into this drama stumbles a scientist, a soldier and a spy from three different worlds. Each of these has a role to play in unraveling the Martian plot and saving millions of lives.It's just a shame that their opponents won't play fair...
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Stone Cold

People go to Alaska to escape something. Rob Stone is escaping his past and the FBI. Until he can clear his name, he will use the two things Alaska has to hide - the wilderness and an understanding that everyone has their own reasons for being there. A chance meeting with a woman, a shared smile and Stone is ready to move on. But when someone tries to run Stone out of town things take an unexpected turn.
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The Deadly Dust Bunnies

Running a thrift store is so much better than cleaning houses, so when The Treasure Trove goes up for sale, my bestie and I jump at the chance to buy it. After all, this is our chance to give up the toilet brushes and feather dusters for good. Lucky for us, our grand re-opening coincides with the opening ceremonies of the Blueberry Bay Days Festival. With tourists flocking to town for the events, we're sure to get a sales boost, and our new business will be booming in no time. But nothing in the Cooper's Cove Small Business Owner's guide prepared us for what to do if a dead body turns up in your dumpster full of dust bunnies. To make things worse, some of my closest friends top the list of suspects. And did I mention that my parents are in town? Now, Hazel and I are too busy solving a murder to enjoy the festival. Even worse, it looks like the killer's set their sights on me! Can we find a way to solve the crime without adding our own names...
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On the One Road

Torin O'Fearell is the younger son of a tenant farmer, and all he wants is to continue working that farm with his father. That dream dies when he returns home to find his father dying and the farm burning. Knowing who is responsible, another dream forms; getting revenge for everything that has been taken from him. Eamonn O'Fearell does not love being a farmer's son. What he does love: games of chance, words, chasing after lasses, and even other lads. None of that matters, though, when he returns to find everything he'd known, but his brother, gone. And if his brother has his way, Eamonn may lose him as well. Bridgette Muldoon does not want for much in her life. Her family may not be wealthy, but they do have love, and to her, that's more than enough. If only Lord Owen Curran would take a hint that he is not entitled to her, no matter his father's ranking in society. And her father supports her in refusing his suit. When her world falls out from under...
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Crown Court Killer

Months after saving their flamboyant theatre friend from disaster, Dannel Ortea and Osian Garey are back with a thrilling murder investigation in the third London Podcast Mystery series novel. Dannel and Osian's breakfast double date rapidly devolves into a murder mystery when a dead body is found in their solicitor friend's car. Wayne is taken for questioning by police. He was last seen arguing with the deceased. When Wayne's tie is identified as the murder weapon, it's hard to refute the growing evidence stacked against him. Convinced of their friend's innocence, Dannel and Osian throw themselves into the investigation. When Wayne's boyfriend, Roland, finds himself suspended from the police, they realise powerful people are involved in the murder. With a philandering crown court judge, two disgruntled wives, and an angry client as suspects, the clock is ticking for them to find the killer before Wayne...
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Playing Through the Pain

The powerful story of Ken Caminiti, who changed baseball forever as the first player to confess to having used performance-enhancing steroids In Playing Through the Pain: Ken Caminiti and the Steroids Confession That Changed Baseball Forever, writer Dan Good seeks to make sense of MLB MVP Ken Caminiti’s fascinating, troubled life. Good began researching Caminiti in 2012 and conducted his first interviews for his biography in 2013. Since then he’s interviewed nearly 400 people, providing him with an exclusive and exhaustive view into Caminiti’s addictions, use of steroids, baseball successes, and inner turmoil. Decades later, the full truth about Major League Baseball’s steroids era remains elusive, and the story of Caminiti, the player who opened the lid on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball has never been properly told. A gritty third baseman known for his diving stops, cannon arm, and switch-hit power, Caminiti voluntarily admitted...
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Garden of Earthly Bodies

An exquisitely eerie and unsettling speculative novel that grapples with questions of trauma, identity, and the workings of memoryMonths after her sister’s death, Marianne wakes up to find a growth of thick black hairs along her spine. They defy her attempts to remove them, instead proliferating, growing longer. The hairs, Marianne’s doctor tells her, are a reaction to trauma, developed in the wake of the loss of her sister, Marie. Her doctor recommends that Marianne visits Nede, a modern, New Age rehabilitation center in a remote forest in Wales where the patients attend unorthodox therapy sessions and commune with nature. Yet something strange is happening to Marianne and the other patients at Nede: a metamorphosis of a kind. As the hairs on her back continue to grow, the past starts to entangle itself with the present and the borders of her consciousness threaten to disintegrate. She finds herself drawn back compulsively to the memory of Marie, obsessing...
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