A Shadow Falls

She knows the only way to fight him is to fall into his trap... Five years ago, Jenny Aaron was a covert ops agent. Then a shot to the head left her blind and ended her career. Four weeks ago, she killed the psychopath who stole her sight. Ludger Holm hunted her with a vicious determination but, even in the dark, Aaron fought back. Now, she has learnt that Holm left her two billion dollars. She knows it's a trap. But if she's ever going to be free of him, she must play his game to the bitter end.
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Jerusalem Stands Alone

By turns bleak, nostalgic, and lighthearted, Jerusalem Stands Alone explores the interconnected lives of its mostly Palestinian cast. This series of quick moving vignettes tells the story of occupied Jerusalem—tales of the daily tribulations and personal revelations of its narrators. The stories, entwined around themes of family and identity, diverge in viewpoint and chronology but ultimately unite to reveal the tapestry of Palestinian Jerusalem. The settings evoke the past—churches, alleys, and people who are gone but whose spirits yearn to be remembered. The characters are sons and mothers, soldiers and wives, all of whom unveil themselves in sometimes poignant, sometimesbittersweet memories. As its history rises up through the present struggles and hopes of its people, the deepest, most personal layers of Jerusalem are revealed.
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In the Dark

She lost her sight, but she can still see the truth... Jenny Aaron was once part of an elite police unit tracking Germany's most dangerous criminals. She was the best. Until it all went wrong. A disastrous mission saw her abandon a wounded colleague and then lose her sight forever. Now, five years later, she has learnt to navigate a darkened world. But she's still haunted by her betrayal. Why did she run? Then she receives a call from the unit. They need her back. A prison psychologist has been brutally murdered. And the killer will only speak to one person...
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