Tabby and the Pup Prince

Princess Tabby is no scaredy-cat!Princess Tabby must be on her best behavior for the upcoming visit with the royal hounds of Barkshire. She can't wait to play with Prince Buddy, the pup prince. But then King Gorgonzola steals a magic orb, threatening to ruin the visit. Tabby and her brothers must once again stop the evil rat and save the day.Cats and dogs are very different, and tagging along with the Whiskered Wonders is difficult for Buddy. Will he be able to keep up with the royal kittens, or is Mewtopia in for a ruff time?
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Skyville Boys

A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance Sixteen-year-old Kara Starr is running from her past. As a Broadway star, her future is bright with hopes and dreams. But all that is snatched away and she escapes to the small town of Skyville, hoping to start a new life. It’s not easy when Ezra, Carter, and Jax, three hot guys from the theater club, ask her to audition for the school musical. Her first instinct is to refuse. Performing is part of her past. But the guys are so passionate about the musical…how could anyone say no? They rehearse together. They spend time together. They start knocking down the walls Kara built around herself. She thought she abandoned her love for theater in New York. But the guys are proving otherwise. Can the Skyville boys open her heart to music again?
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