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Hired Girlfriend, Pregnant Fiancée?

A surprising proposition!A binding consequence?When a bachelorette party challenge means she must kiss a stranger, Gabby Johnson never expects to find herself lip to lip with Zander Grosvenor—her former teenage crush! Soon self-made millionaire Zander is proposing a fake relationship to fend off his well-meaning yet interfering family. But when a romantic trip to Portugal ignites the spark between them, Gabby and Zander must face the unexpected consequences—her pregnancy!"Most of us aren't royalty but with this series Ms. Milne has really given insight to the reality and it's not all high tea and tiaras. This is a lovely book, with characters who have real issues but learn that love can conquer your past and help you forge your future."— Harlequin Junkie on Conveniently Wed to the Prince"Ms. Milne has done an amazing job bringing these characters to life and giving them a living and breathing background. There are so many...
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Whisked Away by Her Millionaire Boss

Swept into his glamorous world...Will she fall for the tycoon?After an unexpected encounter with Ben Gardiner, dashing owner of the fashion company whose offices she cleans, single mom Sarah Fletcher takes a gamble, sharing her ideas... Amazingly, Ben loves them! Whisked away to work with him in Milan, their attraction is increasingly undeniable. This high-class world's like nothing Sarah's known—but back home, will Ben let Sarah and her daughter into his life?"I love Nina Milne books. She writes really contemporary stories that capture the essence of what has always made a Harlequin Romance so appealing; emotional, feel-good romance. Characters and stories that pull at your heartstrings and the joy of being whisked away to stunning locations. Claiming His Secret Royal Heir is all of the above and more. Well worth a read."— Goodreads"Nina Milne is a terrific writer of contemporary romantic fiction who effortlessly and stylishly...
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The Scrooge of Loon Lake

It's the most wonderful time of the year......with the grumpiest man in town!The love of his life left him. The navy discharged him. So former lieutenant Des Gallagher sees no reason to celebrate Christmas—now or ever. Yet when Natalie Pierce shows up on his doorstep, a bright light enters his gloomy existence. As Des shapes her—and her little son's—world for the better, she wonders if a scrooge could turn into the perfect Santa...
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His Unexpected Twins

Twins on the way change everything!Firefighter Liam McBride is back in Loon Lake for the summer, and Ellie Harding, his sister's childhood friend—and cancer survivor—is perfectly willing to shelve her dreams of a forever family while they have a fling. But then they find out she's pregnant—with twins! Are they on the path toward happiness? Or a collision course toward heartbreak?
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Their Christmas Royal Wedding

Cinderella takes the throne......and the hand of her Prince Charming?In this A Crown by Christmas story, since discovering she's heir to the throne of Casavalle, ordinary girl Gabriella is adjusting to her new royal life. On an impulsive nighttime horse ride she meets a handsome stranger and has no idea he's Prince Cesar of Aguilarez. A convenient marriage would unite their countries, but their attraction is anything but convenient! Can duty and desire unite for a fairy-tale happy-ever-after?A Crown by Christmas trilogyBook 1 – Cinderella's Prince Under the MistletoeBook 2 – Soldier Prince's Secret Baby GiftBook 3 – Their Christmas Royal Wedding"This was a heart-wrenching novel. Ms. Milne has done an amazing job bringing these characters to life...this is the best life-giving, heart-breaking, people-building novel I have read...."—Goodreads on Marooned with the...
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The Sergeant's Unexpected Family

Falling for his brother's ex—and her baby!A new small-town romance from Carrie NicholsAfter losing friends while serving his country, Sergeant Brody Wilson shut himself off from the world. Enter beautiful Mary Carter, his brother's former girlfriend, and her adorable infant son. Despite his best efforts, Brody can't close off his heart to beautiful Mary and little Elliott. But will pushing them away cost the wounded warrior the family he's always dreamed of?
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Kidnapped for Her Secret Son

Kidnapped for her protection...Seduced for pleasure!Billionaire Jaco Valentino is furious when Leah McDonald leaves him without explanation. Yet when he discovers Leah's given birth to his heir, he's determined to shield them from his adoptive family's wicked intentions! Jaco kidnaps Leah and his son, whisking them away to his remote Sicilian island for their own safety. Except the sinful flame still burning between him and Leah feels infinitely more dangerous...Escape with this breathtaking second-chance romance!
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Reunited by the Greek's Vows

A marriage on paper only......until long-hidden desires reignite!Kate O'Connor is stunned when her ex-fiancé, self-made billionaire Nikos Nikoladis, storms back into her life with a shocking demand: to complete their previously abandoned trip down the aisle! He'll gain the wife he requires to secure his goddaughter's adoption and save Kate's ailing company. In desperation, she agrees. But on an opulent honeymoon across Europe, these heated adversaries don't anticipate their still-smoldering flame to explode into irresistible passion...Discover this passionate reunion romance
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