Death and Sweets

Pumpkin Hollow Mystery, book 4"Ethan, come quick. There's been a murder at the Sweet Goblin Bakery," I whispered into the phone. My eyes went to the body in front of me. Not again.Sweets can be deadly and when local bakery owner Stella Moretti becomes the next victim in Pumpkin Hollow, Mia Jordan is on the case. Can she and her boyfriend, officer Ethan Banks, find the killer before there's another victim? Sweets can be deadly all right, but that's the way the cookie crumbles...**
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The Jack-o-Lantern Box

It's an old-fashioned Hallowe'en -- 1970's style.Two little girls who love everything spooky -- along with a big sister who can't stop trying to scare them -- plot the orangest and blackest Halloween they can, in this trick-or-treat bag of a book.Did a killer named Johnny the Hangman once lurk in the small-town cemetery?Do cultists plan to sacrifice a trick-or-treater on Halloween night?Are their parents witches?It’s all pretty unlikely, but between the kids at the playground, and her cynical big sister's way with a scary story, Jessy doesn't know what to believe. Fortunately, it’s the spookier the better for her and her best friend Karma, as they get ready for their favorite night of the year, in this nostalgic but clear-eyed look at a small-town Halloween.
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Chocolate Covered Murder

"There is no curse on Pumpkin Hollow!" I insisted yet again. **I couldn't understand why people persisted in believing in something like curses. If these rumors spread, the tourists might be scared off. The rumors had to be stopped.Halloween is celebrated all year long in Pumpkin Hollow and when local businessman Greg Richardson is found murdered in the haunted house, the rumors of a curse on the town fly. Can Mia Jordan squelch the rumors before the tourists get wind of them?Mia and Ethan Banks are on the case to solve the murder and they'll do everything they can to find the killer. Mia befriends a stray black cat and the romance between Mia and Ethan is heating up.**
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Bone Chimes

A community where the mortgage is paid with blood. A man with an unhealthy devotion to his couch. A death machine that kills whoever its owner wants. A woman escapes one nightmare to find herself in another living hell. A boy learns more about his father than he ever wanted to know. Bone Chimes, the first collection from Kristopher Rufty, features nine demented tales, including The Night Everything Changed , the prelude to The Lurkers. Table of Contents: “The Chomper” “Love Seat” “Something Out There?” “The Wager” “Black Garbage Bags” “Bruce Smiley’s Ultimate Death Machine” “Bedside Manner” “Gearhart’s Wife” “The Night Everything Changed” **
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