The Roman and the Runaway

Having a good family friend as your headmaster might sound ideal, but for Luke Brownlow it just makes life even more complicated...In with the wrong crowd at school, Luke is falling behind in his work. His parents take drastic action: banning him from seeing his friends and making him go to a new school.Luke avoids his family over the summer by spending time with their neighbour, Ned Kelly. He decides to get expelled from his new school but changes his mind when he discovers that his new headmaster is none other than the neighbour he has been getting to know and respect.An enemy within the school and a runaway girl outside it make it harder for Luke to stay out of trouble with Ned than he'd hoped: by the end of the school year it looks like he'll be expelled after all.
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The Viking and the Vendetta

It's a new school year at Hawley Lodge and this time Luke Brownlow is sure that everything will go smoothly.Of course there's the small matter of the ongoing feud between the Romans and the Vikings to resolve. And Benjamin Wharton is still being obnoxious. It's not all plain sailing in the romance department either. But at least he can count on Ned Kelly as a source of support. Or can he…?Bring On The War Mice is Book Three of the epic serial adventure series The Go-Kids by Amazon Top 100 science fiction writer Ryan Schneider.After surviving the worst attack on American soil in the nation’s history, only to be informed that his dad has been listed as Missing In Action, Parker is the victim of mistaken identity and kidnapping. He soon finds himself and his irrepressible friends in a Top Secret government facility confronted with technology the likes of which none of them has ever seen. But could it be a way for him to rescue his dad? Will Parker accept the mission? Will Sunny fall prey to Colby’s flirtations? Will Parker’s nightmares continue? Find out in Book Three of the ongoing serial adventure series, The Go-Kids.Though it is a story about kids, it is far more than just a kids' story. It is a story involving young protagonists dealing with universal themes of growing up, friendship, and making the right moral choices.
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Crescent Moon Desire (Passion & Magic #1)

**Maplebrook**, such a quiet and peaceful place to live, but underneath it all is a hidden world where the last remnants of strange history sleep in a world where **magic** used to be real and out in the open. Just when it seemed that it would be snuffed out for good - a spark, and passion fans the flames. Thea - I'm just an average small business owner, I run a cafe and I make *killer* muffins. There's nothing really out of the ordinary about me, except that I come from a long line of witches. Shh it's a secret. I help a lot of people with gentle nudges toward happiness, too bad it doesn't seem to want to happen for me. Gunner - Everyone's good at something, and I'm good at riding my bike and tattooing. Good enough to own my own shop and keep my twin brother out of too much trouble at that. But there's something about the owner of that cafe across the parking lot that I just can't shake. Mike - The last thing I want is a relationship, I've had enough trouble with women to last me the rest of my life. That doesn't explain why I can't take my eyes off of Thea, or how good it is to have someone that just listens. Maybe I should, what can it hurt?
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The Vengeful Dead

She's the FBI's go-to expert on Chicago's most brutal supernatural crimes. But a bloodthirsty, revenge-crazed killer is using her deepest fears as a terrifying weapon...Jackie Rutledge just can't put her past to rest. Her Bureau partner is dead, but not gone. And her sanity is becoming as fragile as her career. Worst of all, a wrenching journey into Deadworld has given her unwanted new abilities—and exhuming memories she hoped to keep buried ...Now a merciless force capable of possessing humans is on a killing spree, destroying the guilty and innocent alike. It isn't long before Jackie is a prime suspect, struggling to stay two steps ahead of her savvy new partner, and her undead P.I. and paramour, Nick. But to clear her name, she'll have to take on her greatest challenge yet: confronting an inner darkness as inescapable as the one she hunts—and capable of annihilating more than her soul . . .Praise for Deadworld"The perfect dark...
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The Lingering Dead

She cracks the FBI's toughest supernatural crimes, from Chicago's windy streets and beyond, into the next world. But a malevolent force now has her reputation—and her team—in its sights. . .Jackie Rutledge has faced down everything from the darkest sorcery to uber-vengeful revenants. But heading up the Bureau's special paranormal unit is presenting unexpected challenges. Handling otherworldly egos and politics has never come easy to this loner agent. And opening up to her sexy vampire lover, Nick, is as unnerving as her unwanted new ability to slip between the realms of the living and the dead. . .Now an insidious power holding helpless ghosts in thrall is using any means necessary to discredit Jackie and split her team apart for good. The only chance she has means baiting the terrifying Deadworld being stalking her dreams, hunting her every step—and growing ever more hungry for her ultimate sacrifice. . .Praise for Deadworld"The perfect...
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Suicide Kings

RetailAs a young woman in Florence, Diana Savrano's life is a priviledged one of elegant balls, handsome suitors and frivolity. But the sudden death of her mother leaves her adrift and abandoned. As she sobs over her mother's casket, another member of the procession reveals the awful truth. Before her last days, Diana's mother had joined a Luciferian cult. Despite knowing little beyond her pampered world, Diana determines to unmask those responsible for her mother's death. But someone does not want such secrets revealed, and they are willing to send assassins to keep her silent. Paranoia and loneliness set in as even her closest friends reveal hidden agendas. Worst of all, the further she follows the intertwined threads, the closer they appear to lead to her own father.
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My Miserable Life

Ben Hunter has a miserable life — M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E! His sister will only talk to him through text messages, his mom won't let him eat sugar or even go for a bike ride unchaperoned, and a bully at school steals all of his friends. Told in Ben's voice, through entries from his school journal with commentary from his teacher, this very funny and often poignant narrative chronicles an eventful year in the life of a thoughtful fourth grader.
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