Beast of Dreams

2834 A.D. Karrick Logan was only a small cub when his pack cheated death, barely managing to land on the planet Eridani after their spaceship was sabotaged. Their human "cousins" had begun to fear and resent the physically superior wolfan subspecies they had genetically engineered, and had plotted to wipe them out. Now, thirty years later, Karrick is leader of the Wolfan Psi Pack; his pack is unique among the wolfan in that they can communicate through dreams. Some of them, including Karrick, can merge so seamlessly into another person's dreams that they can glean information and manipulate thoughts. After years of isolation, a small spaceship has brought a human female to Eridani. It's up to Kerrick to determine if she presents a danger to his pack. He intends to merge his mind with their lovely visitor to determine her purpose in visiting his home. In their shared dreams, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to her, realizing that he's found his mate. When the two meet for the first time, dreams and reality merge with explosive results.
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Call and Response

Alone on a strange planet, forced to call a mate… Janeth Dewellin, a powerful empath, is on the planet Dragnath to find her missing brother. Her search is interrupted when she abruptly enters a second puberty and must quickly find a mate, or risk losing herself to madness. Alone and far from her people, her only hope is to “call” for a mate. Empathic investigator Tom K’Restan follows a strange broadcast to see if this is the source of the negative empathic energy he is investigating. He finds Janeth, and an explosive attraction to her he cannot understand—and cannot resist. Running out of time and options, Janeth secretly mates with Tom and uses their intense sexual energy as a beacon to call to her missing brother. Love will have to come later, if she can overcome Tom’s dismay and convince him they are destined to be forever lovers. But the dark entity is still on the loose, one that feeds insatiably on their energy, threatening not only their fragile relationship, but their very survival. Warning, this title contains hot, explicit sex.
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