Nina turns to science to try and avoid a future that she believes is predetermined.Nina lost her family when she was younger, and to avoid a fate similar to her mother, Nina jumped into the possibilities of nanobot technologies to avoid her preconceived fate. A short story written I did in college in the first person perspective.
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Making the Cut--Hockey Sports Romance

Twenty-three year old Vienna Rhett is serious about one thing in her life, and that's figure skating. When handsome and charming hockey player Ethan Hayes gets in her way, she puts him in his place without apology. She's got the ice princess act down solid and she's used to shutting down handsome men. Vienna has plans, and they don't include falling in love. Ethan is undeterred by her act, and she soon finds her cold exterior melting away in his presence. After a day spent in each other's arms, Vienna has to set aside her feelings to focus on the all-important World Championship. But when she tells Ethan that there's no room for love on a competition weekend, he storms off in anger. Why doesn't he understand that she's not ashamed of dating a hockey player? And will winning be as sweet without him there?A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger! 
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The Book Review of Death

Murder, mystery and books. For fans of Agatha Christie and M.C.Beaton, The Book Review of Death is the final book in The Bookshop Mysteries, a captivating murder mystery series by Richard King. If there's a mystery to solve in Montreal, Sam Wiseman will always find himself right in the middle of it . . .When a book reviewer, infamous for writing scathing reviews and ruining authors' careers, is found dead in his office, every author in the city becomes a suspect. Including Sam Wiseman's best friend, Ben.Ever determined to work his way into the case, the bookseller and amateur sleuth teams up once again with Detective Gaston Lemieux in what may be their most curious case yet...Praise for Richard King:'The plot is pure whodunnit.' The Globe and Mail'crisply written and captivating in its plot twists.' Times Colonist' . . . keeps its reader guessing until the very end. The books grabs hold of the...
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Done Deal

Insightful, enlightening and thought-provoking, leading Premier League lawyer Daniel Geey lifts the lid on the inner workings of modern football.Whether it is a manager being sacked, the signing of a new star player, television rights negotiations, player misconduct or multi-million-pound club takeovers, lawyers remain at the heart of all football business dealings. Written by leading Premier League lawyer Daniel Geey, who has dealt with all these incidents first hand, this highly accessible book explores the issues—from pitch to boardroom—that shape the modern game and how these impact leagues, clubs, players and fans.Featuring insider anecdotes and expert contributions, Done Deal provides football fans with a fresh and authoritative perspective on all off-field football matters.
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Doggerland is brilliantly inventive, beautifully-crafted and superbly gripping debut novel about loneliness and hope, nature and survival – set on an off-shore windfarm in the not-so-distant future. 'His father's breath had been loud in the small room. It had smelled smoky, or maybe more like dust. He had knotted and unknotted a strap on the bag he was holding – he must have been leaving to go out to the farm that day. 'I'll get out,' he'd said. 'I'll come back for you, ok?' The boy remembered that; had always remembered it. And, for a time, he'd believed it too.' In the North Sea, far from what remains of the coastline, a wind farm stretches for thousands of acres. The Boy, who is no longer really a boy, and the Old Man, whose age is unguessable, are charged with its maintenance. They carry out their never-ending work, scoured by wind and salt, as the waves roll, dragging strange shoals of flotsam through the turbine fields. Land is only a memory. So too is the Boy's father, who...
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Too Marvellous for Words

Midnight feasts in dorms, jolly japes with chums, pranks on mad teachers and no boys whatsoever: THE REAL MALORY TOWERS LIFE from award-winning writer, Julie Welch. 'As we spilled from the train we could hear loud revving and smell exhaust fumes, and there in the forecourt was a coach waiting to drop us all off at our various houses. I'd been living for this moment since I'd arrived at the school; since before that. . . We were all schoolgirls everywhere, past, present and future, real and imagined. We were Darrell and her chums at Malory Towers – except the school in front of me wasn't quite the picture I had imagined. Suddenly I had this out-of-nowhere, waking up from a coma moment, as if I had been whisked away by a tornado or washed up by shipwreck on an unknown shore. Where was I? How did I get here? I was on my own, and now I would have to survive. . .' Too Marvellous for Words! is the wonderfully evocative and...
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The paperback edition of the acclaimed bestseller - which received numerous glowing reviews and sold out its 6000 copy hardback run - is fully revised and updated with three brand-new chapters. Based on unprecedented access granted to the authors - including exclusive interviews with Arsene Wenger - the book examines in detail Arsenal's transformation into a global superpower under the stewardship of their French manager, right up to the end of the 2008/09 season.
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Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King

'"An artist, in my eyes, is someone who can lighten up a dark room. I have never and will never find difference between the pass from Pele to Carlos Alberto in the final of the World Cup in 1970, and the poetry of the young Rimbaud"' Eric Cantona Football, and art. Eric Cantona - legend, maverick, troubled artist or just plain trouble - never saw a need to make a distinction between the two. For all the heat and noise surrounding his infamous Crystal Palace 'kung-fu kick', it is for the sheer exuberant beauty of his play that Eric Cantona is chiefly remembered by English football fans. At Leeds United he transformed the team into title contenders, but became a true talisman at Manchester United, where to this day fans sing of 'King Eric'. And yet the effortless style of Cantona's play could not hide a darker side to his temperament. In his own words, 'I play with passion and fire. I have to accept that sometimes, this fire does harm.' Leading French football journlist Philippe Auclair has interviewed over 200 key protagonists in Cantona's career, searching for the man behind the myth. Marrying a deep knowledge of Cantona's impact on the pitch with soulful, pin-sharp insight into the heart and inner thoughts of this most complex of characters, this is nothing less than the definitive biography of a one-time rebel of the French game, who rose to be the King of Old Trafford. 'I'd give all the champagne I've ever drunk to be playing alongside Cantona in a big European match at Old Trafford' George Best
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Sol Campbell

Sol Campbell traces his journey from the streets of East London, the FA School of Excellence and as a millionaire footballer for Tottenham and Arsenal, through Champions League and World Cups, to widespread acclaim as one of the finest defenders to have worn the England shirt.Along the way, he was labelled a traitor and ostracised by his peers, fell out with members of his family, suffered racial and homophobic abuse, and was often misunderstood by those who claimed to know him well. His book is a frank and often blistering account of a life lived between the soaring heights of celebrity football and the despairing depths of personal trauma."Compelling" - The Independent"Critics Choice" - The Times"No ordinary football biography" - David Walsh, The Sunday Times
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