The Fate of the Black March

A short tale about pirates and werewolves as chronicled by the Black March's doctor. This story falls in with a series of short stories detailing the journeys of a pirate named Mackett and his cursed vessel the Crimson Wraith.This anthology comprises NMIT’s second Time to Write short story contest. The 600 to 1000 word entries came from 12 to 17 year olds, adults, and NMIT students. Each was judged by a panel of Bachelor of Writing and Publishing lecturers and the winners announced at the Time to Write festival launch on Monday 27 May 2013. Inside are stories about wounded soldiers, giant dragons and cake baking. There are others about adultery, ghosts and love. They were imagined by both young and more experienced minds, but all have been written with imagination and care. Enjoy.
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Searchlight: An Unkind Death

Searchlight, a paranormal cataloger agency, works in conjunction with local police departments to serve as consultants in the occasional paranormal and supernatural crimes.5 friends. 1 killer. WHO WILL SNAP? In nine weeks Charlie Miller's life goes from absolute perfection to gruesome tragedy. All it takes is one night, one blade, and her boyfriend, best friend and new friends all either end up as suspects or dead. But Charlie's world of pro football golden boys, law school domination and New York City nightlife crumbles long before sudden death. Everyone she cares about is at risk because one of them has a twisted darkness lurking beneath, and if Charlie wants to survive, she’ll have to see past these beautiful faces and find that single, poisonous soul. Because they want Charlie out of the way. Set up. Gone. And to succeed, they'll destroy. Start at the beginning. Question them all. Snapped is Ketley’s monthly seven part New Adult Novella series, and the weeks have closed in. This series is complete! SHADE, Part 2 SIN, Part 3 SACRED, Part 4 SUSPECT, Part 5 SURRENDER, Part 6 STAY, Part 7.
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Squat Every Day

Thoughts on overtraining and recovery in strength training.
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A Duke's Bride. Episode 1. (Teen & Young Adult Romance). Sweet Regency Duke & Bride Series.

EPISODE 1. *(Regency Romance Soap Opera). Heat Level 1. *Ideal for 13-18+ age group.A duke buys a wedding cake for his wedding and meets his first love again. A British bake-off romance that revolves around the purchase of a wedding cake from Lydia's cake shop in York, England. Level 1: Sweet/Traditional. Available as a Regency Romance Novella.EPISODE 1. (Episode 2 & 3 Out Now)! *(Regency Romance Soap Opera). *Ideal for 13-18+ age group.When Lydia Somerville, an affluent baker's daughter, is jilted at the altar by Richard Claremont, Duke of Chester; a notorious, wayward rake, she thought her life was over. Two years later Lydia is the successful owner of a prosperous cake shop. When she displays an elaborate wedding cake in her shop window, it catches the eye of Lady Charlotte Cringlewood. She is a rich, spoilt heiress recently betrothed to an handsome duke. When the duke calls in to purchase the cake, Lydia is shocked to see her first love the Duke of Chester, who is betrothed to Lady Charlotte Cringlewood.However, Chester still has a passionate yearning for the beautiful young bride he left at the altar. Lydia is pulled into an explosive love triangle with the duke and Lady Charlotte. She has to fight for everything she has fought for. Her independence, her business and her respectable reputation. But how long before her defences are broken down, by the brooding passion of a duke, who is about to marry the wrong woman!
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The Plight of Dr. Grayson

An anthropologist discovers the cruelty of man through his encounters with Native American tribes in the middle 1800's. A short talk with an ancient being sends his life in a downward spiral.A riveting tale of fate and faith as a whirlwind of events lands 73 year old Louisiana native Daniel freeman in a hospital bed; and then, in a confessional, telling his life story to a young local priest who is well respected in the Community. As the priest and Daniel delve into his old trespasses of the past, it becomes more apparent that the priest and Daniel’s life have been mysteriously connected by these exact events.Lucifer Travels is Book #1 in the staunchly Christian, young adult, mystery series
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The Bomb: A Jason Oler story.

In a story that follows the conclusion of industrialization in the average fantasy universe a terrible weapon has been crafted in secrecy. Jason Oler joins a a group of adventurers on a quest to reveal the horrific nature of the weapon to the people before it falls in to the wrong hands.Seven years after the death of her grandmother, Luna Robbins faced a dreadful task. She has to write about her grandmother. It was an easy task. There was only one problem... she cannot remember her dear old grandmother. Out of frustration, Luna walks out of the house and found herself following the scary old Mrs. Chandler from across the street. Mrs. Chandler lead Luna to a rundown building known as the Library. After reading a familiar book, voices, images, and sensations came to life in the thirteen-year old girl's mind. Eventually, she found refuge in the wreckage of books governed by a tyrant.
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The Girl Who Was Buried in Her Ball Gown

On the evening of the junior high school ball, a young girl experiences her first kiss. During the amazing and yet awkward moment, something goes horribly wrong and her life is turned upside down. She soon realises that her existence has been severed from the usual humdrum of a teenage girl, and she's been hurled into the world of the supernatural.
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The Beast of Bridgewater

A story styled after the works of H.P. Lovecraft explores the potential for the bizarre and terrifying in even the most mundane settings. A group of students moves in to a new apartment complex and confronts the things that go bump in the dark.Having earned a tenuous place on the sailing ship Turnagain, Rose maintains her disguise as a boy while continuing on her quest to find Benson, her abducted twin brother. As if preserving her cover isn't difficult enough, she must face bullies, forbidden attractions, and her first fumbling attempts at espionage. Though she has her doubts as to whether the mysterious scribe Fenric—an accused murderer—can be trusted, she follows him into a plot that could either begin the restoration of the monarchy or end in the assassination of the heir to the throne. The Secret's Keeper and the Heir is the second book in the Rose's Garden and the Sea series.
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Mackett's Origins

A prequel to the tale of pirates and werewolves mixed in frenzied combat beneath the traitorous moon. This prequel to "The Fate of the Black March" relates the story of Mackett's ascension to the command of the Crimson Wraith.The story will continue in Passion of the Liger, Volume 2! I will upload as soon as it is written :)
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