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Heritage- Legends of Shadear

Free from the prison of Ironflare, Shri Moongale can finally begin to study magic, but it won't be as simple as she hoped. Trauma from the Gate Run has repressed her talents, and she fears she may never match the impossibly high expectations she has placed upon herself. Worse, her family remains trapped in Ironflare, certain to be killed when King Magnus marches on the city in effort to break the tyrannical power of the Spike and its new High Mistress. Desperate for the strength to rescue her family, Shri sets out on a quest to regain control of her magic. On the way, she meets new friends and unearths long-buried truths. But the revelation of an ancient legacy might be more than she can handle, as she must face the fact that she may have the power to save the Kingdom of Aviden… or destroy it.Heritage is the second part of the Shri Moongale saga.
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The Charmed Locket

Heiress Gina Mansfred spends her nights as a jewel thief, delivering her profits to the poor. One night she unwittingly steals a locket that sets her on a dangerous journey to fulfill a dying man's last wish and to reveal long-forgotten secrets.When Gina meets the mysterious Nicholas and the heroic Philip, she discovers her heart being as much in danger as is her life. Soon she finds herself in a battle between two men and two secret societies who struggle for control of the Charmed Mechanics, magical items known only from legends and bedtime stories.Who will control the Charms and who will control her heart? Eventually, Gina learns that her decisions may not only change her destiny but affect the fate of the known world.
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The epic of Island Life that has gripped Finland Winner of the Finlandia Prize Nominated for the Nordic Criti Prize It is the summer of 1946. A novice Lutheran priest, his wife and baby daughter arrive at a windswept island off the coast of Finland, where they are welcomed by its frugal, self-sufficient community of fisher folk turned reluctant farmers. In this deeply atmospheric and quietly epic tale, Lundberg uses a wealth of everyday detail to draw us irresistibly into a life and mindset far removed from our own - stoic and devout yet touched with humour and a propensity for song. With each season, the young family's love of the island and its disparate and scattered inhabitants deepens, and when the winter brings ice new and precarious links appear. Told in spare, simple prose that mirrors the islanders' unadorned style, this is a story as immersive as it is heartrending.
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Wolves and Angels

The lifeless body of an unidentified disabled man is found on a cold fall night in the Finnish city of Tampere. The police learn that the deceased was a member of the “Fallen Angels,” a gang of wheelchair-bound motorcycle enthusiasts. Soon there are more attacks on the disabled and ailing. Detective Sakari Koskinen and his eccentric team spring into action: How are these events linked? Is there a serial killer on the loose playing angel of mercy?Critically acclaimed Wolves and Angels, winner of 2002 Finnish Crime Novel of the Year, is a gripping story about the struggles of the disabled coping with their new lives and the strains on those who care for them. Nuanced depictions of interpersonal relationships and personal challenges make Jokinen's characters come to life on the page. Seppo Jokinen is a bestselling author who lives in Tampere.
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They Know Not What They Do

Joe Chayefski has got what he always wanted: a reputation as one of America's top neuroscientists, a beautiful wife and two perfect daughters. But his carefully created idyll is threatened when his lab is targeted by animal rights activists. The attack is followed by a phone call from Joe's ex-wife in Finland. Two decades have passed since he abandoned Alina and their young son, Samuel, returning to America to advance his career. Now Samuel is somewhere in the States, and Alina fears he is looking for revenge. As Joe struggles to protect his new family from the increasing threat of violence – and to save his eldest daughter from the clutches of an unscrupulous tech company – he is forced to reconsider his priorities and take drastic action to save those he loves.
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