When Christine wakes up cold and alone she thinks life cannot possibly get worse. Crushing steel, broken glass, and familiar voices, is all that remain in her own personal hell that is her memory. Then her memory begins flooding back like a dam breaking and with it the terrible realization that Jake, the one person she cares about may be involved in her kidnapping. Then she realizes her ten year old son, Diego is not lying in the darkness beside her. Who could have kidnapped her and why would anyone take her son away from her? When her kidnappers do show up things are worse than she ever could have imagined. When she realizes who is the mastermind behind her abduction she has no misgivings about her odds of survival. Then things begin to change with Jake’s unprecedented success in the ring and finally his star is on the rise. He and Christine are closer than ever and it seems nothing can get in the way of their happy life; except for the past. Suddenly Christine is in a race against time to save her son and Jake will have to do something that goes against everything he believes in. Can he do it, and can he live with the consequences afterwards? No one is safe; not Christine, not Diego, Jake, or even the aging trainer. Punished will take you on a whirlwind ride through love, betrayal, success, and punishment and no one’s life will ever be the same. Christine soon learns who pulls the strings of her life and what she has to do to break free and be safe for the first time in years.
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One Last Fight: Part One (The One Last Fight #1)

A troubled fighter. A girl with a dark past. One last chance. When a motorcycle collision forces MMA light-heavyweight phenom Rafe Maddox to take a break from training, his manager convinces him to spend that time making a name for himself outside the ring. Which is how he finds himself in the last place he ever expected to be: a reality dating show. Lily Sullivan is no stranger to regret. But breaking Rafe Maddox’s heart was the biggest mistake she’s ever made, and one she’s desperate to make right. Only Rafe refuses to talk to her. When Rafe agrees to be the bachelor on a reality dating show, Lily knows it’s her last chance to try to win him back. She hopes their time together will remind him of what they once had, but with each encounter it becomes clearer that the only thing stronger than their attraction to each other is Rafe’s determination to shut her out. But no one said the fights worth winning are easy, and this time they’re fighting for the ultimate prize: his heart.**
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Shattered trust and betrayal, bad cops and good bikers, and a young woman who may have to lose it all to gain the one she holds dear… When young Jenny Clarkson sees a mysterious blue-eyed biker wearing a Death Crusaders MC cut riding through town, it plucks a string in her heart she knows she’ll never forget. The moment they shared then was fleeting…But now, almost two decades later, the Death Crusaders are back and this time she finally meets man she’s been searching for her whole life… It turns out Blade is a complex man, as violent as he is sexy. He’s the Sargent at Arms with the ruthless Death Crusaders Motorcycle Club, an accomplished MMA fighter who has secrets that he can’t tell the new woman in his life. He’s out to avenge his father’s death, even if that means murdering every rival biker in town. Jenny has her own secrets…Like the fact that her best friend is a cop, and that she’s accidentally uncovered evidence proving that a group of police officers are secretly long time members of the Death Crusaders. As time begins quickly running out Jenny has to decide whether to do what’s right—reveal the corruption and destroy the biker gang from the inside out—or do what feels right—betray her friend and cover for the dangerous criminal she’s falling in love with… This Contemporary Biker Romance Novel contains sexual situations, violence, and themes suitable to mature readers. This is the first book in the Death Crusaders Motorcycle Club Series.
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Alpha Fighter - Part Two

Savannah Santos did the one thing most forbidden to her: she fell in love. But just after opening herself up to love and losing her virginity to MMA fighter Cooper Quin, the skeletons in her closet come knocking. Forced to make a difficult decision between life and death, both for herself and her lover, Savannah goes on the run again. But once in love, the heart cannot forget.Weeks before the biggest MMA tournament of the year, returning champion Cooper finds himself in a position he never could have anticipated. Not only did he fall in love with a beautiful girl, but now she has left him and, try as he might, he can't get her out of his mind. The title he has worked to defend all year is his to win again if he can let her go, or he could pursue the damaged girl who just might be his one true love.Savannah’s past is catching up with her and she knows that she cannot afford to slip up again, even if that means she has to abandon love. Nowhere is safe for Savannah, and following her could cost Cooper much more than a title. Her deadly secrets could cost him his life.
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Last Chance To Fight

After a nine-year separation, high school sweethearts Hunter and Anna reunite for a steamy adventure. But the forces that threaten to tear them apart might be even stronger than the forces of their attraction. At seventeen, Anna Blakesley thought she was going to die. To spare him the pain, she cut ties with the man she loved, resigned to never seeing him again. But against all expectations, she survived. Now, though still living with the scars of her illness, Anna is determined to finally get her life back, and her love too. MMA fighter and notorious bad boy Hunter Finn has made a lot of mistakes since Anna left him, and racked up almost as many regrets. When Anna walks back into his life, he's determined to make up for all of them. But second chances don't come easy. Hunter’s mistakes come back to haunt him, and one shocking secret threatens to break Hunter and Anna apart no matter how hard they fight for their love.
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In The Cage

When Christine’s ex-husband Randy King aka King of Pain shows up with his friends in a steroid fuelled rage all she can think of is her five year old son’s safety—as the drug-crazed MMA fighters tear through her house looking for money and anything else that can be turned into cold hard cash. Not even ten minutes later the young mother must again deal with the consequences of being married to a violent, reckless man when Randy’s dealer shows up next to collect on his debt. The question is, will she ever escape this life? Now, ten years later… Christine awakes suddenly to find herself drugged and unable to account for the past two months of her life. In an effort to recall her lost memories Christine visits a child and family therapist who specializes in the risky practice of Hypnotherapy. Are the memories she gets back shades of true experiences or false memories manufactured by her traumatized mind? While working to put together the puzzle pieces of her life, she falls head over heels for Jake—the up-and-coming cage fighter. Jake aka The Punisher is eager to rise above the blood sport of the underground MMA circuit but Christine is afraid her new man will resort to drugs and steroids to become a top tier fighter. As Jake takes two steps forward and one step back it falls to Christine to put her new man back together after each fight. A desperate single mother and an up and coming cage fighter who may not even be worth her trust…Christine must decide which are her true memories and what to do about what she discovers before time runs out.
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One Last Fight - Part Two (The One Last Fight Series Book 2)

It’s been a week since Rafe Maddox, undefeated MMA fighter turned reality dating show star, left Lily Sullivan alone in bed after the best sex of her life. A week since he stopped talking to her. He’s shutting her out. Again. Only this time, she has no idea why.Rafe’s attraction to Lily is stronger than any opponent he’s faced in the ring. But if Rafe’s dark past and MMA training have taught him anything, it’s how to protect himself. And letting Lily past his walls after she broke his heart once already? That isn’t a mistake he intends to make twice.But Lily is a fighter too, and Rafe might have finally met his match.
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Sexy. Irresistible. Womanizer. Those are the facts I uncover about football star Lennox Hardy after a long night of martinis and bad choices. Hardly the stuff of tabloid headlines. Everyone knows the star quarterback is a womanizing bad boy whose voicemail is practically set to “no comment.” What they might not know is that our night together? Kind of disappointing. Of course, that didn’t stop me from getting knocked up. But it’s when I confront Lennox and discover that I’d actually slept with his identical twin brother Logan, a rising politician, that my life goes from page twelve news to a gossip columnist’s wet dream. Lennox is used to cleaning up his brother’s messes, and he barely blinks before he asks me to move in with him and pretend the baby is his, at least until his brother’s election is over. Giving me full access to his elusive, private life and the story that will make my career. What’s a reporter to do? But sharing an apartment with a brooding, private man who’s sexy as sin and my raging hormones may not have been the best idea. And when the only investigating I do happens with our clothes off, I know my plan has gone seriously awry...
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