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Divine Dora

HEAVEN JUST TURNED OUT TO BE WORST THAN HELL! After being killed, Dora Carridine was shipped off to Heaven. But she’s not ready to give up her life just yet, especially not when it means spending eternity in angel boot camp. She does everything in her power to try to get home, but nothing works. Even if she manages to escape Camp Angel and survive the sadistic drill sergeant, she still doesn’t know how to get her body back. Powerless and alone, she decides that there is only one thing she can do. Dora has to find God and hope he’s not a sanctimonious dick.
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Demonic Dora

She's finally managed to summon her first demon...Dora Carridine is trying to summon a demon, but she's not very good at Latin and nothing ever works out the way she plans. Her life is fraught with weekly exorcisms and having to watch her father’s fire and brimstone TV show every Sunday. So when Dora finally succeeds in summoning an incompetent demon lord, she’s absolutely delighted when all Hell breaks loose. She thought summoning a sexy demon lord would be the answer to all of her problems, but her problems are only just beginning when her zealot parents try to burn her at the stake, and Dora is left with only one option—to escape and follow her demon straight into Hell.
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Lost Sorcery- Mage of Myths

WHAT IF MAGIC SEALED YOUR FATE? When Malian breaks a mage rune that is steeped in myths and legends, she invokes a curse that marks her for death before coming of age on her next birthday. Since she’s more skilled as a hunter than the apprentice mage she’s supposed to be, she visits a witch to uncover the secrets of the hidden prophecy about lost runes and elemental mages. The price of her salvation is to embark on an adventure with a prejudiced high-elf warrior who instils her with thoughts of romance even though he views her as a lowly human outcast. She’ll have to swallow her pride and ignore her feelings to journey across Ispa with him, leaving everything she loves behind to stop the sorcery that threatens her existence. On a quest for answers, she’s going to have to travel across the dark realms and face her worst fears. Along with her faithful shapeshifter companion, a heroic warrior, a werewolf and her gnomish wizard guardian, she discovers that she’s going to have to save the world, assuming she doesn’t set fire to herself, or they don’t all get killed by demons first...
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The Fallen Queen

THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE, FOR THE WORSE...Tirik wants the throne and Arietta wants to fall in love.Two sisters bound by their duty to the realm are about to discover how changing their lives will change the world, forever.With demons and goddesses walking in their world, it's only a matter of time before their desires become a frightening reality.
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Deceased Dora

After being expelled from Hell, she woke up in her own coffin... When Dora Carridine wakes up in her coffin, the first thing she plans to do is find out what happened to her friends since they were also exiled from Hell. But Dora didn't come back entirely human, and everyone keeps trying to kill her. If she manages to avoid being bitten by an over-amorous, Victorian vampire, being captured by the Vatican and being roasted alive by her neighbours, then hopefully she can find Kieron and find out what she really is. But first, she has to put an end to an ancient war amongst the paranormal beings on Earth. How hard can that be, right?
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Science Fiction and Fantasy Box Set 1: The Squishies Series

------ DETENTION: She’s been sentenced to teenage prison for breaking the rules... When Carla Mainston is sentenced to two weeks in juvenile detention for being a screw up, she promises to never break the rules again. She thinks that the worst that can happen is she'll be bored to death, but it seems that the wicked warden of the institute plans to keep her imprisoned indefinitely in the detention center, along with all the other kids trapped behind its dark walls. In an attempt to escape, Carla discovers the monster on the fourth floor and uncovers a darker purpose to the institution. She will have to fight for her freedom if she wants to go home. She will have to break all the rules if she wants to survive... ------ WHATEVER BECAME OF THE SQUISHES?: She's just inherited super powers of... er, Sarcasm? She's wild and outspoken. Trouble follows Carla Mainston wherever she goes. But what do you expect from a purple outcast living in a green colony? She's the last girl on the planet who should be inheriting special powers. If that wasn't bad enough, there's a deadly disease spreading faster than a dirty joke in the playground, and when Carla's brother Joe becomes infected, she has to find a cure before it's too late. With the assistance of a muscle-bound scientist called Parklon, and a dealer in illegal books called Bob, Carla discovers that superpowers come at a price. With a murderer on her heels, Carla has to use every trick in the book to stay alive. That's if she can avoid getting arrested or having the life sucked out of her by her new boyfriend. ----- SHATTERED: The only thing she has left to lose is herself... Carla Mainston is stuck in a dead end job and her friends have all left her behind. Life sucks. So she quits her job and nearly blows up her bullying boss with her malfunctioning powers, and then heads out into the world on a quest to find her missing friends. High on power and running away from her messy life, Carla travels to Zoola, party central, and becomes engrossed in a dangerous world of drinking and escapism, completely unaware of the devastating effects it will have on the people she cares about the most. Her drinking, clubbing and snogging Mr Wrong all start to spiral out of control when Mr Right finds her drunk and abusing her powers. He believes the lies about her and kicks her out of his place. Meanwhile all her new friends turn their backs on her. Carla is homeless and friendless with dangerous enemies popping up all over the place. With a hit man trying to kill her, and a psychopath stalking her, she'll be lucky if she survives long enough to make amends and pick up the pieces of her shattered life.
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HER FIRST HEIST WAS PERFECT UNTIL ROMANCE GOT IN THE WAY... Ellie Phillips doesn’t want to go to university. She wants to keep running cons with her father and her brother, Jimmy, just like she always has. When she strikes a deal with her dad to run the perfect heist, she bets her future on the result. All she has to do is dig up the dirt on a shady millionaire. To do so, she needs to get into his hotel and snoop around. Unfortunately, when she runs into the mark’s son, Matt, and falls for him, she lets her guard down and everything starts to spiral out of control...
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Raised by her father to be a grifter, Ellie Phillips needs to get away from the hustling life and her mobbed-up boss. The map she just stole is her key to one last big score. But its rightful owner, Jacob Hawkins, isn't letting it, or Ellie, get away so easily. And when she jets off to South America on a treasure hunt, he's right on her trail. Ellie's never had a problem conning anyone, but everything about Jacob feels a little too real. When her boss's men show up and bullets start flying, Jacob is right by her side...and soon, he's in her bed, too. She might be falling for the biggest con game there is--or about to find the one thing she didn't even know she was missing....
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A trip to the cinema becomes a real horror show... When Lucy Carlton wakes up in the cinema with no memory of who she is, she finds herself at the centre of a massacre. Trapped in the old theatre, she thinks she is the only survivor. She believes she has found the killer when she encounters Ben Harris trying to break out of the building, but he can’t remember who he is either. Deadly circumstances force her to forge an alliance, and in spite of her suspicions, she finds herself relying on him to keep her safe from the raging beasts roaming the halls. But how much can she trust Ben? She soon discovers that Ben isn’t all she needs to worry about when her own survival instinct becomes frenzied, and the real monsters begin to emerge.
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