The Last Howard Girl (Tudor Chronicles Book 3)

Henry VIII is dead and Elizabeth is at the court of her brother Edward VI. Tainted by the twin strains of illegitimacy and heresy, she meets and falls in love with Robert Dudley, himself almost ruined by rumours of treason and unfortunately married. When his wife dies in suspicious circumstances the way is clear for him to marry again. But can Elizabeth the Queen, beset on all sides by demands to marry for the benefit of England, follow her heart? And will Robert remain loyal and wait for her or find another to share his life?
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The Reign of Arthur

Did King Arthur really exist? The Reign of Arthur takes a fresh look at the early sources describing Arthur's career and compares them to the reality of Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries. It presents, for the first time, both the most up to date scholarship and a convincing case for the existence of a real sixth-century British general called Arthur. Where others speculate wildly or else avoid the issue, Gidlow, remaining faithful to the sources, deals directly with the central issue of interest to the general reader: does the Arthur that we read of in the ninth-century sources have any link to a real leader of the fifth or sixth century? Was Arthur a powerful king or Dark Age general co-ordinating the British resistance to Saxon invaders? Detailed analysis of the key Arthurian sources, contemporary testimony and archaeology reveals the reality of fragmented British kingdoms uniting under a single military command to defeat the Saxons. There is plausible and convincing...
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Judith, Twice Queen of Wessex

How can a twelve year old girl become the Queen of Wessex? Instead of spending her life in a convent, Judith of Frankia is married to Aethelwulf of Wessex. When the King dies, Baldwin Iron-Arm comes to escort her home, but the King's son has already forced her into another royal marriage. Has Judith lost her chance at true love? Can she escape her fate and find happiness, or will she be condemned to the convent at Senlis for defying her father, scandalising the Church and seeking her own life? Against a background of fighting the marauding Danes and struggling against the might of Rome, Judith and Baldwin try to carve out a life for themselves in 9th century Frankia.
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This book charts the life of Andrew Carnegie, from Dunfermline bobbin boy to Steel King of America. The empire he forged in the steel furnaces of Pittsburgh was sold in 1901 for $480 million and Andrew Carnegie retired from business life as the richest man in the world. Carnegie was born in Dunfermline in 1835, but poverty forced the Carnegies to immigrate to Pittsburgh. Andrew was taken under the wing of Thomas A Scott, at Pennsylvania Railroad. Carnegie worked his way up and, after the Civil War, saw the potential in the iron industry and resigned from the Railroad. It was one of many bold moves that would typify Carnegie's life in industry and earn hem his fortune. His steel juggernaut became unstoppable, and by 1900 Carnegie Steel produced more steel than Great Britain. After selling his company Carnegie, with his wife and daughter, returned to Scotland. He bought Skibo Castle in 1898 and here entertained King Edward VII, the Rockefellers, Rudyard Kipling, Lloyd George, and...
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Ceremonies of Innocence

After nineteen years of a loveless marriage, Angela Cruickshank's patience is exhausted at long last as she returns from France. Inevitably she goes to stay with her old friends Clem and Kattie — Kattie who catches people as other people catch colds, collector of strays and lame ducks, and who somehow fits into her big rambling house on the Downs.Kattie has other guests, of course – Hugh Hansard, a talented but disorganized composer whose wife has just left him, as well as Fergus Slack, not long out of a short stretch in Dartmoor, ex-dope dealer and practised layabout looking for his next move. To add to the mixture is Kattie's beautiful yet mythomaniac daughter Dorelia, home from her Swiss boarding school.The comic accidents of Kattie's random household give rise to more sinister events as Angela's husband comes to claim her while Fergus, pursued by the local police, takes off with Dorelia as his hostage. The action is fast and funny, and Annie Bullen has a...
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