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Single Dad in Her Stocking

The greatest gift he could give her?A family...After losing her baby, and sacrificing her pediatric career, Emma spends every Christmas as an emergency locum—and this year she'll be covering A&E consultant Max Cunningham. Their one kiss years ago was unforgettable, and now that this ex-playboy is daddy to three orphaned children, he's dangerously tempting! But as Max welcomes Emma into his home, she soon wishes her family for Christmas could be forever..."I read this in one sitting. This was such a heart-felt story. I loved the characters. The author really did a fantastic job.... I highly recommend this story to anyone. It was a real treat to read."—Goodreads on Pregnant with Her Best Friend's Baby"This book is Alison Roberts at the top of her game: a deeply emotional romance.... I'm not particularly generous with five-stars for romances...the book has to be exceptional. I thought this one...
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Melting the Trauma Doc's Heart

He ran away from his past...Is she a reason to stop running?Trauma doctor Zac Cameron escaped the horrors of the battlefield and settled in a small community hospital. He's just about coping until an unexpected visitor—renowned surgeon Dr. Olivia Donaldson—whirls into town. She might be his boss's estranged daughter, but their chemistry's instant—and irresistible! Yet Zac's emotions are completely off-limits, unless Olivia's the one who can thaw his frozen heart...?"I read this in one sitting. This was such a heart-felt story. I loved the characters.The author really did a fantastic job.... I highly recommend this story to anyone. It was a real treat to read."— Goodreads on Pregnant with Her Best Friend's Baby"This had a little bit of everything, dipping its toes into fairytale waters and bringing a Cinderella-like feel.... And Alison Roberts balances everything pretty-much perfectly bringing an uplifting romance...
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Resisting Her Rescue Doc

An irresistible attraction...That won't be denied!Paramedic Cooper Sinclair's carefully planned first day at New Zealand's Aratika Rescue Base goes awry when he joins forces with fiery Felicity "Fizz" Wilson to rescue a car crash victim from the sea! The stunning adrenaline junkie should be off-limits to a brooding, guarded man like him, but her skill and vitality are undeniable. Cooper's avoided love for so long, but can he ignore his attraction to Fizz?"Utterly beautiful and enchanting book, this story was as completely adorable as the photograph on the cover and most definitely a joy to read."— Goodreads on Their Newborn Baby Gift"The first three books of this series are engrossing and fast-paced and this story is no different. Really, right from the beginning, this story had me hooked...."— Harlequin Junkie on Rescued by Her Mr. Right
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Dr. Right for the Single Mom

Can the doc who's saving her child......help her love again?ER and rescue doctor Tom Chapman knows what it's like to lose everything. So when his colleague and friend, single mom Laura McKenzie, brings her sick son to the ER, Tom leaps into action. Caring for little Harry brings Tom and Laura a lot closer. But they've both been through so much, can they risk their hearts again?Rescue Docs miniseriesBook 1 — Resisting Her Rescue DocBook 2 — Pregnant with Her Best Friend's BabyBook 3 — Dr. Right for the Single Mom"Ms. Roberts always writes heartfelt and wonderful stories that make me sympathize with the main characters and this story was no different. Overall, Ms. Roberts has delivered a really good read in this book where this couple have wonderful chemistry...."— Harlequin Junkie on Resisting Her Rescue Doc"I love Harlequin medical romances and am always happy to read one by Ms. Roberts...
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Twins on Her Doorstep

A knock at the door...Will change her life!After the heartbreak of losing her husband and baby, GP Sophie Bradford donated her eggs hoping to bring happiness to another couple, instead. Then Dr. Finn Connelly arrives on her doorstep with his orphaned nieces — and her biological twin girls! Sophie had vowed never to risk creating another family, but Finn and her adorable little daughters start to melt the ice around her heart..."The first three books of this series are engrossing and fast-paced and this story is no different. Really, right from the beginning, this story had me hooked...." Harlequin Junkie on Rescued by Her Mr. Right "Ms. Roberts has delivered a really good read to open this series where the chemistry between this couple was intense; the romance was special...and the words the hero says to the heroine that shows how in love he is with her." Harlequin Junkie on The Shy Nurse's Rebel Doc
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The Doctor's Unexpected Proposal

Come fly with me... Dr. Emily Morgan is giving up on love. She's been let down for the last time. She carries a secret that makes her wonder if she'll ever have a future, or a family. What Emily doesn't know is that Crocodile Creek's paramedic and helicopter pilot, her best friend Michael Poulos, has a secret of his own. He's been waiting for the right moment to tell Emily how he feels about her. Now the gorgeous Greek isn't going to wait any longer, and he won't let Emily's fears get in the way.
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A Courageous Doctor

Taking a risk with a redhead Dr. Hugo Patterson has his life just how he wants it—a rewarding job at a small but busy New Zealand hospital and an undemanding relationship. Until a flame-haired firebrand called Maggie bursts into his life...and turns it upside down.The sparky paramedic finds Hugo's reserved charm irresistible, and she's determined to help him loosen up, but there's no way the dedicated doctor could ever fall for someone like her. She has no idea what she's started...
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Her Four-Year Baby Secret

A father for her son Single mom and paramedic Fiona Murchison will do anything to shield her little boy from the glare of the world's media. No one knows that her late husband, celebrity racing driver Al Stewart, has an heir, and Fiona is determined to keep it that way to keep her child safe... All is at risk, though, when a charming new surgeon arrives in Town, and Fi immediately recognizes him as Al's brother Nick! The time has come for Fi to confess her four-year-old secret. Nick is overjoyed to discover he has a nephew, and Fiona is relieved to know that Nick, too, will do anything to protect this little family from the world—including loving them as if they were his own.
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The Legendary Playboy Surgeon

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Fizz and the Dog Academy Rescue: Fizz 2

Meet Fizz - the daring dog detective!Today Fizz starts his training to become an undercover police dog. The police dog tryouts were hard, and skills training will be even harder. But Fizz and his new friend Remi are given an extra challenge to test their detective skills. Trainee dogs are being injured and sent home. Sergeant Stern believes it's no accident. He wants to know who is doing this and why. Fizz and Remi must solve the mystery, or they won't graduate as undercover police dogs.
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Fizz and the Police Dog Tryouts: Fizz 1

Meet Fizz - the daring dog detective!Fizz wants to be a police dog. He's brave, clever and super-fast, but Fizz doesn't look like a police dog. His family are show dogs and companion dogs, not working dogs. Fizz longs for adventure, and he's determined to try out at the Sunnyvale City Police Station. There, he is the smallest, fluffiest dog in the line-up, and he meets fierce Amadeus, who definitely wants to be top dog.
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A Mourning in Autumn

NYPD homicide detective Lieutenant Jimmy Sakura is back as he faces a series of gruesome murders.
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Her Emergency Knight

Coming soon! Her Emergency Knight by Alison Roberts will be available Mar 14, 2016.
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