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Somebody's Someone

What happens to a child when her own parents reject her and sit idly by as others abuse her? In this poignant, heart wrenching debut work, Regina Louise recounts her childhood search for someone to feel connected to. A mother she has never known--but long fantasized about-- deposited her and her half sister at the same group home that she herself fled years before. When another resident beats Regina so badly that she can barely move, she knows that she must leave this terrible place-the only home she knows. Thus begins Regina's fight to survive, utterly alone at the age of 10. A stint living with her mother and her abusive boyfriend is followed by a stay with her father's lily white wife and daughters, who ignore her before turning to abuse and ultimately kicking her out of the house. Regina then tries everything in her search for someone to care for her and to care about, from taking herself to jail to escaping countless foster homes to be near her beloved counselor. Written i...
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Bonita Avenue

"Dazzling...Critics hailed Buwalda as 'The Dutch answer to Jonathan Franzen', but his brilliance is entirely unique."--The Times (UK) Siem Sigerius is a beloved professor of mathematics with a bright future in politics. His beautiful family - step-daughters Joni and Janis, loving wife Tineke - and his carefully appointed home in the bucolic countryside of the Netherlands complete the portrait of a comfortable and morally upright liberal family. Joni's new boyfriend Aaron is starstruck when he is first introduced to his hopeful future in-laws, but he is soon welcomed into the family as one of their own. But there are elements of Siem's past - including a son from a previous marriage with a dangerously violent history - that threaten to upset the perfect balance of success and happiness that the family as achieved. And Siem's own weaknesses lead him to make a discovery that reveals deception even closer to home than he realized. When a shocking...
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Tomorrow Pamplona

A professional boxer and a family man meet by chance on a journey to the Pamplona Bull Run. The boxer is fleeing an unhappy love. The father hopes to escape his dull routine. Both know that, eventually, they will have to return to the place each calls “home”. "As he tracks back and forth between the dual narratives, moving inexorably to the double climax, van Mersbergen skilfully builds emotional intensity until the point when the boxer and bulls' fury are finally unleashed." The Independent on Sunday. "An impressive work from a leading Dutch writer."  Daily Mail. Why Peirene chose to publish this book:“I adore the deceptive simplicity of this story. On the surface, the fast moving plot, the short sentences, the ordinary words make the text as straight forward as punches in a boxing match. But just as physical conflict stirs deep emotions, so too does this book as it focuses on a single question: how do you choose between flight and...
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A visit from the Queen, a tragic accident, a divided family: a masterful new novel from the prize-winning Gerbrand Bakker.On a hot summer's day in June 1969, everyone is gathered to welcome Queen Juliana. The boys and girls wave their flags enthusiastically. But just as the monarch is getting into her car to leave, little Hanne Kaan and her mother arrive late—the Queen strokes the little girl's cheek and regally offers Anna Kaan her hand.It would have been an unforgettable day of celebration if only the baker hadn't been running late with his deliveries and knocked down Hanne, playing on the roadside, with his brand-new VW van.Years later, Jan Kaan arrives on a hot day in June in order to tidy his sister's grave, and is overcome again with grief and silent fury. Isn't it finally time to get to the bottom of things? Should the permit for the grave be extended? And why won't anyone explain to his little niece Dieke why grandma has been lying up in the...
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