The Duke's Inconvenient Bride (Regency Romance)

When Lady Catherine Fitzgerald first meets Raff D'Alton, the Duke of Albright, she finds him to be every inch the rude, obnoxious rake that rumours had painted him to be. When one of the Duke's former lovers manipulates it so that Raff and Catherine are caught in a compromising situation the pair are forced into a hasty marriage of convenience, one that Catherine fears will end in disaster.Raff William James D'Alton, Sixth Duke of Albright had always been a huge admirer of wives–provided that they belonged to other men, of course. When his old love takes her revenge by forcing him into an unwanted marriage with a dowdy spinster, Raff vows that he will not let an inconvenient thing like a bride ruin his bachelor lifestyle.However, as time passes Raff and Catherine begin to realise that the sparks that fly between the pair have more to do with attraction than tension and that this inconvenient marriage might just have a happy ending–if only they'll allow it.
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