One Strange Accident

Homicide detective Randy Monroe has plenty of work to do without looking for more cases. But when he gets wind of a rash of strange accidents, his gut says there's more to it. At first, there seems to be nothing connecting the incidents, but when he and his partner, Danny Beckman, dig deeper, they find something beyond their expectations. Now, it's up to Randy and Danny to track down the evil Svengali behind the attacks before more innocent people die.
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In a hard-boiled city of crooks, grifts and rackets lurk a pair of toughs: Box and _____. They're the kind of men capable of extracting apologies and reparations, of teaching you a chilling lesson. They seldom think twice, and ask very few questions.Until one night over the poker table, they encounter a pulp writer with wild ideas and an unscrupulous private detective, leading them into what is either a classic mystery, a senseless maze of corpses, or an inextricable fever dream . . .Drunk on cinematic and literary influence, Muscle is a slice of noir fiction in collapse, a ceaselessly imaginative story of violence, boredom and madness.
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The Mystery of the Hichcocke Inheritance

A puzzling paragraph in a famous movie director's will leads three young sleuths to England on a wild treasure hunt. Eager to help the daughter of their old friend, the boys quickly delve into the mystery - but they're not alone! Bickering relatives, cantankerous gardeners, and a maid who won't stay dead are but a few of the shady characters with a keen interest in getting their share of the loot!
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The Poisonous Ten

RetailA woman is found in an abandoned house, the victim of cyanide poisoning which has mottled her skin and turned her blood a dark shade of purple. Detective David Parks, battling his standing within the LAPD, is brought on to solve the murder. He is joined by forensic toxicologist Jacqueline Isley to solve what becomes a series of gruesome murders: A famous photographer bleeds to death from his eyes while a woman's own body chokes her to death as it shuts down, organ by organ. Lives are threatened as Det. Parks and Dr. Isley get closer to the truth behind this poisonous killer. But as their feelings for each other intesify, Parks will have to discover just what he's willing to sacrifice and how far he'll go in order to stop a killer whose thirst for justice knows no limits--and whose obsession for vengeance knows no ends.
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