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Once Mated Twice Shy

Colette mated Jordan Giroux when she was fifteen years old. Their parents thought that it was a good idea not to stop them and decided it would calm them both down. At the time, they were both running wild. They were so in love that it was legendary. Since he got it into his head that he wanted to be the Summerville Pack Alpha they've grown apart. When he rejects her it seems that the pack is more important to him. Will he figure out that she's worth it? A bigger question is can she forgive him for making the pack more important than her. The two wolves that loved bigger than any in the pack must find their way back to each other because neither is whole without the other.
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Prague Noir

"The 14 crime stories set in Prague in this superior entry in Akashic's Noir Series offer armored car robbery, kidnapping, murder masked as suicide, and more—not bad for a burg that, as the editor notes in his intro, didn't even have 'the profession of private detective' until 1990...In the varied and polished content of this volume, readers will find much to amuse."—Publishers Weekly"Murder and mayhem erupt, even in fairy-tale Prague. Editor Mandys maintains that it may be hard to imagine dark doings taking place virtually in the shadow of Prague Castle, yet he manages to harvest 14 artful tales that speak directly to the contrary. Although there are few standard whodunits, Prague's long history provides fertile ground for evildoers...Perhaps nowhere but Prague do vice and enchantment live at such close quarters, and Mandys' collection captures both beautifully. A lovely addition to Akashic's venerable series."—Kirkus...
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Summer's Alpha

Summer has wanted one thing her whole life and that's Jackson but he doesn't feel the same. Her father the alpha has decided that Jackson will mate with Summer's sister Autumn but a worse match was never made as far as Summer is concerned. He has also decided that Summer will make for good bait to draw in another pack as an alliance. She cannot stay and watch her sister and Jackson mate and she refuses to give up her happiness for the good of the pack. Summer sets out on her own to find her own life and a mate for herself. She stumbles into a new territory and a new pack that needs an alpha. Jackson is alpha, but should she call him and give up her location and possibly her freedom? Can she live with him so close but oh so far again? If only he felt the same way about her.
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Not That Kind of Love

In “Not That Kind of Love,” Michelle is a savvy young modern woman who has her life and her career together. She is in love with her best friend that she has known since kindergarten. Michelle wants more but is too shy to pursue him and only admires him from afar. He usually pursues another type of woman and she does not fit the bill. When he decides that it is Michelle that he wants to settle down with, she is suddenly afraid that she could lose everything if it doesn’t work out.
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Opportunity Knocked

Megan, a young modern woman who is normally cool and dispassionate toward the opposite sex is thrown for a loop when her car breaks down in a tiny old fashioned town. She discovers that she has a fiery side that she was unaware of up until now when she meets Nicky. She simply needed to find the right man to set her a blaze. Nicky, appears to be only an extraordinarily hot diner waiter but has a few secrets that will surprise the girl who thinks she has it all under control. Neither of them can deny the instant and ferocious attraction and Megan suddenly has a passion coursing through her that she didn’t know she was capable of.
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Her Boss the Alpha

Jake has stalked her for a year, ever since she came to his office for an interview. His body reacted to her scent immediately and all he’d wanted to do since was muss up her immaculate suits and tidy hair. This woman, his mate, is so focused on her work that she barely knows that he is alive. Not only is going to make her realize that he is alive but he is going to claim her, just as soon as he can trust her with his secret and his safety. When Lauren’s car has a flat tire, the boss fixes it for her then demands payment in the way of having dinner with him. He is large, scary and way too intense for her tastes but who would have the nerve to tell him no? He follows her home and even though her body aches for him, she knows that intimacy never ends well for her. Jake promises her that she will not only enjoy it, but that he can make all of her dreams come true.
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The Alpha's She-Wolf

Sexy dreams have disturbed Shauna for months now and they are always the same. A man that she can't see has his arms around her and that leads to other things that keep her from sleep. She's tired of waiting for him to show up and she's exhausted from his nightly visits. When he finally does, it is not how she expected and she is more than a little disappointed in his tactics.He's finally found her, his mate, and she is nothing like she was in his dreams, only her scent is the same. It should be easy, this mating but she is proving to be more of a challenge than Connor anticipated.Can they find their way to each other? Or will her expectations destroy what nature intended?
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The Reluctant Alpha

Just coming off a four month hunting trip for his Alpha’s missing pup, all Dylan wants is a nice steak, a cold beer and a soft bed. He’s worn out and had no luck at all on the trip. The pup is still in the wind. When she walks into his favorite bar, his world turns upside down. Cami is finally in control of her own life, in a nice safe town and happy. At least until Dylan takes up residence in her bar and in her life. One minute werewolves are not real and the next she is not only one of them but she’s a missing werewolf Princess to boot. Suddenly, she’s found herself in a world that she never knew existed. He shows her things about herself and her body that she never dreamt possible. Surely, he has to be crazy, he has to be! Is this hot, dominating man the answer to all of the questions she had about herself? Or is he just another cocky, overbearing pain in the rear?
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The New Alpha

Tina is a successful bakery owner and is happy with her current boyfriend until her new tenant shows up. He’s a blast from her past and not in a good way. Tina crushed on him all through school even though he tormented her and stood her up for prom. Why is he so appealing again especially since he is an arrogant jerk? Mac is an alpha that recently moved back into the area after his pack dissolved. He recognizes his mate as the woman he bullied from grade school to graduation. Can he convince her that he’s not the same jerk from so long ago? Or will he be left without a mate because of the mistakes he made before he was an alpha?
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