A chilling message. A family secret. A tragic crime. All bring danger. Forbidden by her father to explore the unusual happenings that are part of her life, Katie,15, has always hidden within the shadow of her true self. But when her family moves to England to care for her grandad, her future becomes terrifyingly uncertain and the shadow too menacing to ignore. Can she break free from the shadow by delving into the past, or will there be devastating consequences? And if she goes too far can she ever make it back?
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Hannah and the Magic Eye

Hannah and the Magic Eye is the story of Hannah and Samir, two unlikely friends who embark on a fast-paced treasure hunt though modern-day Jerusalem to find the famed treasure of King Solomon's Temple—the largest unrecovered fortune in history. But racing alongside them is the Cancellarii, the dangerous secret society of treasure hunters who kidnapped Hannah's grandfather—the famed archeologist Henri Dubuisson. Now Hannah and Samir must rescue her grandfather by reaching the treasure first, and ransoming it back to the Cancellarii for her grandfather's freedom. But first Hannah and Samir must decipher an enchanted map and follow its clues through seven of Jerusalem's most exotic sites. They must evade the Israeli police, ride camels through the desert, swim with hippies in the Dead Sea, drink copious black coffee, hitchhike with friendly Arabs, and somehow outfox the Cancellarii as they search for a pile of gold worth more than 56 billion dollars.
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