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Watching Elijah Fall

Months after a bad breakup, Jacob Pierce is still more than a little fragile. With the encouragement of his friends he agrees to sign up for a film based photography class.Elijah Fall, a widowed photography teacher, is exactly the man to bring Jacob back to life. But, while Jacob has found the man of his dreams, will Elijah, someone who has lost everything once, risk his heart again?Short North - Book 1A simple story about moving past the terrible things that life throws at you and finding happiness on the other side.Months after his breakup with a long-term boyfriend, Jacob Pierce is still more than a little fragile, he has withdrawn from life, his friends are concerned and even he knows that something needs to change. With the encouragement of his friends and a nudge from the newest member of Jacob's small circle, he agrees to sign up for a film based photography class.Elijah Fall, a widowed photography teacher, is exactly the man to bring Jacob back to life. But, while Jacob may have found the man of his dreams, will Elijah, someone who has lost everything once, be willing to risk his heart again?
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Batteries Not Required

Wanted: One fling, orgasmic satisfaction guaranteed. In Dana Appleby’s experience, really bad, boring sex and long-term relationships seem to go hand-in-hand. Enough is enough. She’s now on a mission and her main objective is finding excitement in the bedroom. And she knows just who she wants to give it to her: Reese Cooper. Short-term relationships are Reese’s specialty—and so is sex. Dana’s proposal to have a little fling is right up his alley, but things go awry when he starts to realize short-term isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And suddenly the idea of Dana moving onto someone else doesn’t appeal one bit. So, what’s a guy to do? The only thing he can do. Set out to show Dana that long-term doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Not with relationships—and definitely not with sex. Warning: This book contains graphic sex, a scorching office quickie and the teensiest bit of newbie handcuff play. Please note: Batteries not included with this book. But don’t worry, you won’t need any.
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Ready or Not

A stodgy lawyer butts heads with a free spirit. Let the mattress dancing begin! At first, Brianna Michaels’ agreement to fill in as a bachelor party stripper sounds like a win-win situation. She’s returning a favor to a friend, and earning some much-needed cash. But when she sees the man she’s lusted after for years in the audience, baring all suddenly doesn’t seem like such a hot idea. Quinn MacRae stops the show—literally—when he reacts instinctively to protect Brianna and her reputation. Plus, it’s nearly unbearable to see exactly what he’s been missing. As an attorney with a prestigious law firm, he’s sure of one thing. Brianna would hate living in his world. She’s the last woman he should be lusting after. But lust he does—with a vengeance. Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex.Review"READY OR NOT is a fun, sensuous romance. This steamy romance is one you will not want to miss!!"~ *Dottie, Romance Junkies"Anara Bella has written a charming and very sensual love story with people who feel like my closest friends...The plotline is fun and frivolous, a fine way to spend the afternoon. I couldn't help but turn the pages...Bravo, Anara Bella, READY OR NOT is a fabulous debut!"~ Lettetia, eCataRomance"This short story had an amazing depth to the characters...Ms. Bella did an amazing job of setting the love scenes just right which makes this book one of my favorites. READY OR NOT was hot and sweet and I'll be checking out more of her stories."~ Missy, Fallen Angel Reviews"READY OR NOT is a spicy, likable read...Ms. Bella has a fun, flirty writing style that kept me turning the pages..."~ Sarah W, The Romance Studio"...steamy tension that popped off the pages has me ready for another Bella story for sure."~ Amethyst Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews"Brianna and Quinn are polar opposites whose coming together is full of passion and heat...I recommend READY OR NOT and will be watching for more from this talented author."~ Tara Renee, Two Lips Reviews **
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Brazen or Bust

Nica’s got a new look, and an attitude to match. Logan doesn’t stand a chance… Nica Morelli is through wasting time mooning over Logan Donovan from afar. It’s time to make him see her as more than his tomboyish, honorary little sister. Now, armed to the teeth with a sexy makeover, Nica’s kicking butt in four-inch heels and taking no prisoners. One minute Logan’s enjoying a beer at the bar. The next, he’s mesmerized by the finest butt he’s ever laid eyes on. It shimmies, it shakes. It makes him want to do all kinds of wicked things to it. Then he realizes who the butt belongs to—his best friend’s little sister. No matter how badly he wants the tasty bait she’s dangling in front of him, she’s forbidden fruit. Except now that she’s got him turned on, tied up in knots, and swimming in intense emotion, what’s he supposed to do? Fall in love? Not in a million years… Warning: This book contains hot ’n steamy graphic sex brought about by the flagrant use of seduction, near-nakedness and lavish amounts of tempting, teasing and tequila.
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Bound and Determined

Falling for a hot guy is not in her plans. He's got a different agenda. Nothing much ever happens in Forsythia Falls-except the only robbery anyone can remember, which leaves Asia Smith tied up in her grandmother's antique shop. Just her luck, her rescuer turns out to be Marcus Thorne, the single most tempting morsel of male flesh she's ever encountered. As he unties her knots, his touch sorely tests her resolve to avoid any involvement with the male species. A bestselling author, Marcus is used to women throwing themselves at him. Asia's resistance to his charm is a whole new challenge, a temptation he has no intention of resisting. All he has to do is break down her defenses and get at the soft, willing woman he suspects is hiding inside. As chance-and her meddling grandmother-throw them together, Asia tries to remember why she shouldn't just follow her friends' advice to jump on Marcus and ride him until she can't see straight. In one storm-swept night, she throws caution to the wild wind and savors pleasures she'd almost forgotten. Except some old hurts just won't stay in the past. Marcus peels away her inhibitions with sizzling ease. But now comes the biggest challenge of all-winning her trust. Warning: This book contains a resistant damsel in distress, a sexy-as-hell hero who can cook, adventures with rope, great food, and oodles of red-hot sex.
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