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This Is the End

29 year old, recent “Man of the Year” recipient Jeff Sorbenstein has it all. Billions of dollars, a high-tech office building, a loveless marriage, nasty cigarette habit and it’s all thanks to his greatest invention- the most downloaded app in the history of apps. From smart phones to tablets, laptops, the dread tower computer and even the federal government… everyone is running his app. There’s just one catch, Jeff also has a seemingly inoperable form of cancer. So he does what any multibillion dollar tech mogul would do in his situation; he decides to freeze himself until humanity can find a cure. But after he prematurely awakes from his cryogenic slumber, he finds himself immersed in a world unlike anything he had dreamed of. A world torn apart by flesh hungry zombies…oh yeah and everyone that’s still alive, believes it’s his fault.
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