Murphy's Magick

A set of the fundamental Laws and Rules that control Magick and Ritual in Wicca.Every field of endeavor has a set of Rules and Laws that copntrol that subject. The law of Gravity, the Laws of Motion are hte ones that we learn in school.When one becomes a Witch or a magician, we learn a new set of Laws that control the Rituals and Spells we do. This is a list of these Laws.
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Revenge is Sweet

When the Government becomes a criminal, justice vanishes and the only thing left is revenge.Fear makes people do evil things, fear of terrorism caused the negation of the Constitution. Fear of drugs caused police to spy on the innocent. Fear of Alien invasion caused the Government to torture and murder an innocent family.Now they take their revenge on those who harmed them.
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I Dream of Jeannie

When you find a magic lamp that contains a Genie, the intelligent person will think before they make a wish.Sometimes, when you find a magic lamp with a Genie inside, you should think hard about what you want before you make that fatal wish. Remember how Paris wished for the most beautiful woman in the world for his bride? He forgot that Helen was married and so his wish started the 10 year Trojan War.
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Crap Shoot

Years ago, a pair of college girls was rescued from a party-gone-bad, then abducted by an alien in need of a crew.A few years later, they abandoned their alien savior on Earth and are forced to return to find and rescue him to prevent interstellar criminals from raiding the Earth.To do this, they need help.Checkers Pizza is very popular among the students of Keekishwa University in Delasalle, Illinois, because it offers guaranteed 30 minute or the order is free. Business is usually brisk each night, even during the summer, but one night it died early and might have stayed that way, if a bizarre gentleman hadn't ordered 24 pies and paid with a solid gold coin.Just one catch: he wants them delivered to the gate of a haunted cemetery....In the Bonus Story, a woman passing through a cemetery late at night is assault by a couple of ghouls, who fight over her, allowing her to escape. But then they start to court her....
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Vegas and Beyond

An unemployed man uses a stolen device from a UFO to pay his bills.Everyone thinks that the Flying Saucers are stored at Area-51 in Nevada. But that isn't true. They are actually someplace else and when a curious Airman steals a piece, he discovers just how the aliens were able to ignore the limits of the Speed of light.How this man uses the device to make money is the gist of the story.
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The Tale of Leonardo

A time-traveler from the time of Leonardo da Vinci meets a modern art student.The Lady Janice Obrien (of previous stories) reveals how she can be here and there, now and then. Meeting an art student, she reveals intimate knowledge of some famous astronomers and artists and how the world could have been.
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Lyssandra & The Return of Lyssandra

A love story set in Renaissance Kosovo. Amid the turbulant times of the Turkish invasions of Europe and the Inquisition, two people seek toovercome thier past and seek a new future.Lyssandra, a prostitute and Witch, seeks to find love with a displaced Irish Noble who is mourning for the death of his wife and children. During their tenure, they meet and fight the bandits, vampires and dragons which are common in that part of the world.Set among the turbulant times when the Ottoman Empire sought to conquer SE Europe, these stories constiturte the first and last in the series.
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Lincoln isle

A former cop turned mercenary tries to rescue survivors of a crashed airplane on an island filled with monsters.Lincoln Island was a dumping ground for failed experiments and government embarassments, thus survival on Lincoln is generally measured in hours.When an aircraft crashes, a mercenary ignores orders to try to rescue the survivors before they are killed by the inhabitants of the island.
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Marshall: A Short Story

Marshall, a former gang member and new father is struggling to make ends meet with the love of his life Sarah. After he's fired from his a job an opportunity to make some extra money surfaces when he meets an old friend, the only problem is that it involve's stealing money from a Government program. When things take a turn for the worst Marshall is faced with a life-changing decision.Marshall, a former gang member and new father is struggling to make ends meet with the love of his life Sarah. After he's fired from his a job an opportunity to make some extra money surfaces, the only problem is that it involve's stealing money from a Mars exploration program. When the plan goes awry and things take a turn for the worst Marshall gets into trouble with the law. Marshall's mistake will trigger a series of events that will lead to a big decision, a decision of freedom or confinement, a decision that could change his life as well as the people he loves forever.
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Saved by the Doctor

The Perfect gift for this holiday season and a wonderful Christmas collection that you must read! Three – 60,000 words novels about 3 different doctors who all work at the same hospital plus three never before published stories that will have you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. All stories have a HEA and no Cliffhanger.
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