Forgotten Friend (Roselund Heights)

Coralyn Fairchild desires nothing more than to leave London, her mother’s rules, and the tedious suitors her mother insists she associate with. After years of refusal, her parents have finally allowed her to visit her relatives in Roselund Heights, where she spent the most joyful days of her youth. Her prospect of a happy Christmas holiday is only increased when she is reunited with her childhood friend, Christopher. Though their connection is tested by more than the changes of the past years, they are able to rekindle their friendship, and a spark ignites between them. But when her most determined suitor from London arrives in Roselund Heights, Coralyn fears she may be forced into the arms of a man she secretly fears, and lose Christopher forever.
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My Secret Billionaire Bodyguard: Clean Billionaire Romance (Peachtree Billionaires Book 3)

Dahlia broke Cy's heart years ago when they were eighteen. Now, after witnessing the murder of one of her celebrity clients, she needs him to protect her from the killer still on the loose.Cy, former Special Forces soldier, didn't think he'd ever see or hear from Dahlia again after he enlisted. At the time, she was what he considered superficial, obsessed with appearances and worried only about her dream to be a hair and makeup artist. Now, as the owner of a billion dollar security company, it's his duty to protect her at all costs. Cy realizes how Dahlia has matured. She's responsible and caring. He finds her even more attractive. Can he do his job, or will the memories of the past and Dahlia's presence prove to be a dangerous distraction?My Secret Billionaire Bodyguard is a sweet romance and is part of the Peachtree Billionaires series. It can be read standalone.
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