The Way, the Truth and the Dead

Archaeologist and detective, Alan Cadbury, returns for his second adventure. In The Lifers' Club, he unravelled the background to a violent death on an archaeological dig in the Fens, a wild marshy region in the east of England. The Way, the Truth and the Dead takes us to the black peatlands of the south, around the glorious cathedral city of Ely. It's a watery landscape where the many ancient dykes, drains and rivers conceal dark secrets.Alan finds himself the Director of an important Roman and early Medieval excavation at the little hamlet of Fursby, not far from Littleport. But shortly before he starts work, he is contacted by his old friend, Detective Chief Inspector Richard Lane. Lane needs help – a body has been found in a river near the dig. And the dead person is an archaeologist, an old friend of Alan's.It soon becomes clear that this will be no ordinary excavation: the remains are of national importance and their preservation is...
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Bon Mots, Wisecracks, and Gags

A hilarious and witty collection of quotes from twentieth century literary icons. "Stop looking at the world through rose-colored bifocals." "His mind is so open, the wind whistles through it." "You can't teach an old dogma new tricks." Ever wonder where these sayings came from? For decades, the dining room of New York's legendary Algonquin Hotel was a hub of letters and humor. Cocktails were swilled as writers, humorists, actors, and critics poked fun at culture, the arts, and one another. In this lively tribute, today's readers will come to understand why Robert Benchley, George S. Kaufman, and Dorothy Parker represent the epitome of quips and comebacks—wit that still packs a punch decades later.
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The Lifers' Club

Alan Cadbury is a professional archaeologist: a digger of ancient sites and a man who likes to unravel the mysteries and meaning of the past. For many years, Alan has worked with the 'Circuit Diggers', so called because they work the 'circuit', moving from one excavation to another, as new sites open across Britain. Most of the sites they dig are ahead of industrial development, new housing estates, gravel quarries, or roads. They are a down-to-earth bunch; but they all know what they want from life. Feared by respectable citizens, they are always covered in mud, deeply suntanned and drunk (or stoned) on their days off. Like others on the circuit, Alan Cadbury is obsessive: he won't let problems lie, even when he's slumped drunk in a lonely bedsit, somewhere in the Fens. But there's another side to him, too: in the late 90s he helped to give a forensic archaeology course and there met Richard Lane, now a senior detective in the Leicestershire...
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Crescent Moon Desire (Passion & Magic #1)

**Maplebrook**, such a quiet and peaceful place to live, but underneath it all is a hidden world where the last remnants of strange history sleep in a world where **magic** used to be real and out in the open. Just when it seemed that it would be snuffed out for good - a spark, and passion fans the flames. Thea - I'm just an average small business owner, I run a cafe and I make *killer* muffins. There's nothing really out of the ordinary about me, except that I come from a long line of witches. Shh it's a secret. I help a lot of people with gentle nudges toward happiness, too bad it doesn't seem to want to happen for me. Gunner - Everyone's good at something, and I'm good at riding my bike and tattooing. Good enough to own my own shop and keep my twin brother out of too much trouble at that. But there's something about the owner of that cafe across the parking lot that I just can't shake. Mike - The last thing I want is a relationship, I've had enough trouble with women to last me the rest of my life. That doesn't explain why I can't take my eyes off of Thea, or how good it is to have someone that just listens. Maybe I should, what can it hurt?
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Franco's Map

World War II thriller about Franco, HItler, and the defense of Gibraltar.
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