Set thirteen years after the events of “Dawn” and “Edward,” this story follows Princess Chloë Amsterval on the run from a prearranged marriage. Having managed to escape from her father only to crash land in the primeval forest of the Highlands of Afon, she strikes out trying to create a new life for herself and finds refuge and friendship with young Heather Stratford and her family. But with her father’s henchmen and mercenaries in pursuit, can her new friends actually protect her? More importantly, who is going to protect the mercenaries from Heather!
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Attending college on a planet far from home always makes for a bit of an adventure. With new friends to be had, the universe seems to be a truly majestic thing of beauty. But when Theodore finds himself at the wrong end of the microscope with organized crime syndicate, any sense of giddy adventure is swept aside. With his friends and family in danger, he must decide how much he is willing to risk, and more importantly, what is worth risking it all…
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