Lonely Out in Space: A Collection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Stories

A collection of twelve exciting and unpredictable short stories that highlight the banality of human interaction in stark relief with the more base forms of mankind's nature, all in extraordinarily exotic settings and scenarios. Some are hilarious and some are dark, but all of them will keep you turning the page and reflecting on the innately relatable flaws and triumphs of the human spirit.What if? What if a note that arrived at your feet every two hours and eleven minutes was all that separated you from utter madness as you floated through the vast recesses of space? What if all that kept you safe from a pride of lions and their murderous tamers was your own wit and will to live? What if your freedom depended on your performance in a motorcycle race? Lonely Out in Space, alternately known as LOiS, is a collection of twelve science fiction and fantasy stories which examine these scenarios, and many more. From colonies on Mars to starship captains trying to solve the mystery of their own horrific past, from pineapple soda to ping pong, from a deep space public radio show to a fight for the last habitable planet, from romance to repulsion, from Titans to Death itself, and from snakes in the grass to lions in a bank, this collection of sci-fi and fantasy short stories is guaranteed to be a unique experience that will keep you guessing what could possibly happen next. Lonely Out in Space shows that no matter how advanced a society or a being may be (or think they are), they'll never fully lose the one thing we all have in common today: our humanity. These twelve stories will thrill you, make you laugh, make you think, and hopefully make you stop, slow down, and appreciate the beauty of the world and the people on our very own planet. Don't take this all for granted. As you'll see in the stories, things could be very different...
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The Humdrum Lives of Cryptids, Monsters, and Villains

Everyone has heard of the mysterious and utterly frightening legends that surround cryptids, monsters, and villains - but what do these beings do during their regular day-to-day lives? The Humdrum Lives of Cryptids, Monsters, and Villains hilariously details what a zombie does at an outdoor music festival, how Bigfoot starts a blog, how a minotaur orders pizza to the labyrinth - and much more!The fantastic, intriguing, and exciting stories and legends of mysterious creatures and their enigmatic habits have been well documented and retold over and over for millennia… But what do these critters do during a regular day in their lives? It almost seems as though their normal lives are even more mysterious than their legendary brushes with mankind. For instance, how does Bigfoot fare during a trip to the grocery store? Can the Loch Ness Monster deal with customer service representatives long enough to get her rockin’ custom made electric guitar replaced? Are mummies able to adequately replace broken air conditioning units and interpret text messages from their estranged ex-girlfriends? Can the robot that the Loch Ness Monster built to simplify her life adequately perform stand-up comedy and survive being launched into space? The Humdrum Lives of Cryptids, Monsters, and Villains examines these scenarios and many more! No longer will the day-to-day activities of these creatures remain shrouded in mystery. This collection of thirteen original short stories includes: Bigfoot: A Trip to the Grocery Store Zombie: Attending an Outdoor Music Festival Loch Ness Monster: Ordering an Electric Guitar Mummy: Repairing an Air Conditioner Werewolf: Opening A Café Mermaid: Replacing a VCR Centaur: A Subpar Vacation Experience Minotaur: Ordering a Pizza to the Labyrinth Bigfoot: Starting a Blog A Day in the Afterlife of Bigfoot’s Ghost: Renewing a Library Card Some Ado About Literally Everything: A Play by William Snakespeare The Robot Loch Ness Monster: Trying Stand-Up Comedy Again Dragon: Selected for Jury Duty
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The Songs

THE SONGS follows Iz Herzl, famed political activist and protest singer, who has always told his children that it is the future not the past they should concentrate on. Now, at 80, an almost forgotten figure, estranged from everyone who has ever loved him, his refusal to look back on his extraordinary life leaves his teenage children, the brilliant Rose and her ailing younger brother, Huddie, adrift in myths and uncertainty that cause them to retreat into a secret world of their own. Iz's other child, Joseph, a faltering Broadway songwriter 40 years older than Rose and Huddie, whose one disastrous meeting as a child with his father has left him lost and alone, is on a shocking and violent path to self-destruction. When the disparate members of the Herzl family begin to converge, the ambiguities at the heart of Iz Herzl's life begin to surface in a way that will change all of them.
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Stitch in Time

"If there is reincarnation, I'm selfish enough to wish that next time around John Gould would come back as a writer again." —Mark Kramer in the Wall Street JournalIn these observations on the inhabitants of his Maine seacoast village, Mr. Gould addresses important matters. For example, there is the question of why there are two churches in a town of 800 souls, some of whom were atheists. It seems that the split between the two congregations was a matter of both free will and logic. The devotional division was caused by the question of whether Balaam's ass spoke or whether Balaam just said his ass spoke. There is more, wonderfully much more, in this joyful journey into the mind and memory of John Gould: how giving a child a calf to raise provides "top-notch instruction in agronomy, economics, subsistence, and merchandising," as well as milk in the shoes; how lobstermen can communicate without uttering a word; or his comment on women's yearning for equality: "If...
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Seven Good Reasons Not to Be Good

Seven Good Reasons Not to Be Good opens with a postcard from forty-something Matt to his oldest friend Zane. Zane is dying, but maybe he doesn’ t need to be. Matt has to do something about it. And that’ s not Matt’ s only problem. His father is disappearing into dementia and his marriage is in tatters. It seems the oft-postponed trip from Vancouver to Toronto is now critical— if Matt is to save his friend, say goodbye to his father and perhaps find something of himself he lost so long ago.In Seven Good Reasons Not to Be Good, John Gould treats mortality, morality and modernity with equal measures of reverence, wit and sympathy.
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Mr Toppit

When Arthur Hayman, an unsuccessful screenwriter turned children's book author, is accidentally hit by a cement truck in London, his dying moments are spent with a passing American tourist, Laurie Clow, who is fated to bring posthumous fame to his obscure series, The Hayseed Chronicles, and the enigmatic and sinister Mr. Toppit who is at the center of the books. While Arthur doesn't live to reap the benefits of his books' success, his legacy falls to his widow, Martha, and their children - the fragile Rachel, and Luke, reluctantly immortalized as the fictional Luke Hayseed, hero of his father's books. But others want their share of the Hayseed phenomenon, particularly Laurie, who has a mysterious agenda of her own that changes all of their lives as Martha, Rachel, and Luke begin to crumble under the heavy burden of their inheritance.Spanning several decades, from the heyday of the postwar British film industry to today's cutthroat world of show business in Los Angeles, Mr. Toppit is a riveting debut novel that captures an extraordinary family and their tragic brush with fame to wonderfully funny and painful effect.
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