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Red Ribbons

A curious orphan. A witch’s curse. And forbidden rooms. It’s what we don’t know that really scares us, or so twelve-year-old Claribel finds out when she enters Waywardly Hall—a house full of impossible things and odd little orphans. Even with all its creepiness, it’s what Claribel did to get there that really haunts her. All she can think about is the tap, tap, tapping of her foster parents locked in their closet.When she learns the truth behind the lies, she turns her attention to the ghostly children in the forbidden rooms, the ones with RED RIBBONS tied to their doorknobs. The house is deteriorating and starting to flood. Something must be done before it all collapses under the weight of the spell and the sister's endless tears. With the help of a godmother, a miniature dragon, and a few friends, a plan is concocted to destroy the curse and its hold on Waywardly Hall. Claribel must...
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