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Divided Paths

The earth as we know it is changing. Each day, unknown forces are taking over the human race. Evil is growing stronger, and innocence is the victim. If the evil is not stopped, the future of humankind is bleak. With angels being stretched past their limits, a new wave of protection is being developed. A new breed of angel is being trained to fight. Fledgling is one of them. She did not ask for this life. After living three short lives as a human, she was chosen. With a mind of an eighteen-year-old, she struggles to adapt to her new life governed by angelic rules. All contact with her past life is prohibited and romance is outlawed. Yet she still finds herself torn between her kindhearted trainee friend, who has gorgeous blue wings with matching eyes, and the love of her human lives. Her human love is on the verge of either joining the angels or becoming lost to her forever. She is forbidden to intervene. Despite her qualms, she is passionate about saving the Innocents. Will she be able to put aside her struggles to fulfill her passion and new life, or will she become exiled for succumbing to her temptations?
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