Secret World War: Il Macabro

A limited edition ebook version of some of the most popular stories from the Secret World Chronicle podcast, Secret World War: Il Macabro tells the dark tale of the creature that moves among the Italian forces in World War Two, inciting terror in the soldiers in one small town. One of four official Secret World War short stories from the authors of the Secret World Chronicle.Too tired to remember, too painful to forget? Do you really want to let go? Only Dr. Than removes unwanted memories. If you could erase a painful memory, would you? Meet Michael and his nightmare. He would give anything for a good night's sleep.
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Echo Classified: Gravity

From the classified files of Echo come the stories of those metahumans who survived the Thulian invasion. Gravity looks at a sadly typical post-Invasion day where Echo Ops must face the cruel reality that Atlanta has become. Originally released through the Secret World Chronicle podcast.Rape Day Wednesday is an action – adventure love story. General Madid is about to receive a visit from his worst nightmare – Jimmy West. Dear Air Rescue I am Jackie Cots, a nurse for an International Medical Rescue in Somalia. I am writing this letter on behalf of Aisha Hulow, a Somalia woman who lives in the Village of Coato. The lady wants me to tell you about the death of Mary Johnson, who was attacked by soldiers in her medical clinic, repeatedly raped, then shot and left for dead. When the soldiers left, Aisha dragged Mary into her hut where she died several hours later in her arms. Her dying words were to tell Jimmy West, that she still loved him and had never forgotten him. Please find attached a one dollar bill. The lady insists on me sending you the only thing of wealth, she owns. She hopes that you can help her hire someone who can save her little village from these soldiers. It appears that every Wednesday morning, a Renegade General Madid allows his soldiers to come into the village and rape all the women and girls as a treat for loyalty.Please pass on this letter to Jimmy West. Yours truly,Jackie Cots for Aisha Hulow
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Goddess's Warrior

This story is of the trials a young foundling goes through to find her family.The story describes the problems a young foundling has to face and the trials and undeserved punishments she suffers before she gains acceptance by her family and comrades.
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A Wander in Vetland

John Hicks is an English trained vet who has spent much of his working life in rural New Zealand. On one level A Wander in Vetland is an insider's look at his changing profession. Hicks's entertaining anecdotes mark a fond farewell to "Herriotism": the dated public image of life as a rural vet, so lovingly depicted in the novels of James Herriot.But this memoir has a far broader scope. In a lively, literary style John Hicks links his tales with some of the more curious aspects of history - particularly veterinary and medical history. Hemlock poisoning leads to a discourse on Socrates' death; brain surgery on a ram poses the question of how Neolithic man performed similar operations. There are insights into the nature of bladder stones in animals and how these relate to the suffering of Samuel Pepys in the seventeenth century; and if you ever wondered how Italian women seduced their lovers or about the use of goose quills by eunuchs in Eastern seraglios, the answers are...
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Pizzles in Paradise

Pizzles in Paradise is well-known Southland vet John Hicks's collection of anecdotes from more than 30 years of tending to bird, beast and pet-owner. It ranges from the wilds of New Zealand to the Yorkshire Dales, from the Scottish Highlands to the fjords of Norway. Whether abseilling off a cliff to perform a post-mortem on a horse or contending with hysterical owners of pets in a city surgery, John's stories are lively and good-humoured, occasionally poignant and often hilarious. He also tells stories of childhood pranks, the trials of adolescence and courtship, the pains and rewards of emigration and the sobering experience of dealing with cancer.
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A Time to Speak

When the brutal murder of the only known lesbian in town jolts the sleepy community of Knell, Texas, life is turned upside down for everyone. Amidst the scandal, turmoil and heartache over the loss of her friend and part-time lover, Amelia Brandt struggles to find her identity and voice in a town torn by discrimination. Meanwhile, Dominique Velez—the leader of Texans for Equality—is determined and poised to help mend hearts and change minds in a hurting town. Hitting the road and leaving the safety of Austin, Texas, Dominique takes a risk to help the community of Knell stand up for what is right—all while attempting to help Amelia come to terms with what has happened and move forward. In the fight for equality and justice, can there be a sufficient resolution? And, while she’s drawn to Dominique’s boldness and charm, can Amelia conquer the fears that have kept her identity concealed and her heart closed off from love?
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Backstage Pass

Everyone's favorite rock ‘n' roll bad girl has gone too far this time. Raven—loved by her millions of fans—suffers many sleepless nights and haunted memories, and years of hard living are beginning to take their toll. When scandal finally breaks, Raven is forced to hire a public relations guru to refine her image.Christina Villanova is looking for a new challenge at work, and with Raven she's certainly found one. She decides to take on what many others have failed: cleaning up Raven's brand. Christina is undeniably drawn to Raven once she sees that Raven's bravado masks her underlying passion. For her part, Raven seems hell-bent on maintaining her rough-around-the-edges facade, severely testing Christina's cool professionalism.As Raven's behavior escalates dangerously, Christina realizes she's not just fighting for Raven's popularity, she's fighting for Raven's heart—and her future.
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