The wind had been roaring across the face of the planet for ten days with no sign of stopping. It felt like it had always been there, and always would be. Eternal. Sometimes, if you listened closely, it seemed to form words. But it didn't pay to listen too long to those words. The wind had way of getting into your head....Somewhere in space and in time, you will be introduced to Umas, the dominant species, and to Bovs, one of the subservient species. We follow these creatures through numerous adventures full of adrenaline and emotion. Gradually, we will come to understand the oppression of Bovs by Umas, its reality, its scale and its consequences. Why does it have to be so? Why is this deviance not obvious for all? Does it remind us of something?Some vegan Umas are struggling to abolish exploitation of other species, but their enemies are powerful.But, there is something , we will say no more...
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Shadowville: Book One of the Shadoweaters

In a small country town an ancient evil is rising...Concealed, hidden in plain sight for millenia this dark force is feeding its way through the town's population, making puppets of them. For years it has been growing, biding its time, and now, it's almost ready....In the tradition of Stephen King's classic 'Salem's Lot, newcomer Paul Andrew Taylor crafts a tale of a small Australian town overcome by a dark and creeping horror.The Shadows are Coming...In the country town of Casino, a young mother hangs clothing on the old hills hoist while her toddler son plays on the lawn beside her. The sun shines brightly, painting shadows across the back yard. When her son's happy gibberish suddenly breaks off into choked gasps, his mother spins around to find him wrapped in her shadow, choked and grey and gasping for breath. The Shadows are Coming....A man sits in a park by the river, quietly feeding pigeons, shadows pooling beneath the bench. He drops some dry bread crumbs by his feet and a bold pigeon struts over to investigate. The man's shadow snaps out and drops over the pigeon like a blanket, devouring it in a puff of feathers and dust.The Shadows are Coming...When Ben Reilly returns to his home town of Casino, soured on city life after a bad break-up, he's hoping for little more than the comfort of things known and familiar and a place to clear his head. Instead, he finds a town full of strange, hungry people with jet black eyes and shadows that tug at their heels like hungry dogs.And like dogs, they need to feed...Searching the internet for answers, Ben draws the attention of a mysterious stranger with no shadow who claims to be impervious to the effects of the shadows. Known only as Shade, the stranger will lead Ben into the heart of darkness in a centuries old battle against these sinister Shadoweaters, people who are little more than appendages to the living shadows that have infected them.
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