The Seamstress

Infused with abundant warmth and wry humour, The Seamstress is a memorable tale of friendship and love between women. Jo narrates the story of her strong, passionate mother, Willa, whose gradual slide into dementia shifts them into a new and difficult relationship. Willa's life since arriving in Australia from Scotland as a young woman is re-created in vignettes: her spectacularly wrong choice in husband, the eccentricities of her family, the community of friends that sustain her, and her enduring capacity for joy. And in the telling, Jo also confronts her own life choices as a woman addicted to being perpetually worried about something or other. And certainly addicted to love.
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Celia, Marcia, and Mickey meet and become friends in London. Searching for work and success in the theatre, they end up sharing a flat and a deep bond of friendship. Set in Italy, London and Australia from the sixties to current times, Trio is the story of their complex personalities and relationships, of the betrayals and desires that threaten to undermine what is in hindsight most important to them. London is vibrantly alive in these pages, filled with music and drama, as is eighties and contemporary Perth, Australia, and Calabria, Italy. But at its heart this is a novel about love and friendship, loss and memory; about three unforgettable characters, and the special moments in all our lives that, through perceived hurt or fear, sometimes threaten to fall away and be lost forever. In this, her fourth novel, Geraldine Wooller captures with masterful wit and intelligence, and without a hint of sentimentality the essence of the human predicament.
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