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Scars of My Guardian Angel

**Since the dawn of creation, a vicious war between God and Satan has raged on. It is a war that threatens the souls of all mankind.** There have been men who have traveled these paths and returned to tell the tale. Those who followed God experienced a blissful Heaven. For the nonbelievers, the road to the afterlife was terrifying. Lucifer, waiting at the gates of hell to tear out their souls and cast them into an eternal pit of death and despair... One man, Chado Cole, has been appointed by God to fight in this war against the ultimate evil. An ordinary man now holds the fate of all humanity in his hands. If Chado should fail, the world will fall prey to Satan's grasp. What will Chado sacrifice to save the souls of men? What is the price he will pay should he fail to vanquish Satan's dark kingdom? *Walk with Chado Cole and his guardian angel on a mission set thousands of years ago by God Himself.  Embark on your own spiritual journey as the mysteries of The Portal Series* are revealed.  THE PORTAL SERIES: 1. "Scars of My Guardian Angel" 2. *"Bloodline of the Scrolls"* 3. *"Revelation of the Scrolls", Coming in 2019* **
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Vitiosi Dei (Heritage of the Blood Book 2)

Terrazil is a world of unending conflict. Since time immemorial, this tiny speck of dust has been the center of the struggle between the forces of creation and destruction.  The players in this battle have changed throughout the ages, with most participants not even aware of the larger battle being fought in the shadows. The Dragons were one race that called this world their home, and when they saw that they were slowly losing their eternal struggle they decided on a drastic course of action: They put all of their hope in the possibility that their blood would make the other races strong enough to maintain their diligent watch. Two boys--one nearly a man, the other a child of unexpected potential--are both descendants of those brave members of Dragonkind. For one, his world is about to expand beyond anything he could have ever imagined. For the other, every day that he survives is another small victory.  Victor Deus, a name spoken with awe or whispered in derision. There are few names that can elicit such reactions across so many worlds. When one mentions Victor Deus, however, the name Shawnrik is never far behind. Shawnrik has been known as many things--defender of the innocent, destroyer, malcontent, and loyal friend. However, if there is one thing that even the most ardent detractor of the man who would become Shawnrik Heartstone can agree on, it is that if it weren't for this individual, the universe would be a much different place. Nearly a man, we find Shawnrik in a strange place, the likes of which he had never thought existed. Shawnrik's story, as always, is irrefutably entwined with that of Victor Deus.  Both boys are on a personal journey that will play a big part in determining who they will become. For one, his journey will be that of hope and redemption in a world far more complicated than he ever realized. For the other, pain and darkness become a comfort in a world where he doesn't even know his own name. Events are occurring on the continent of Terroval and beyond that will forever change the fate of not only these two boys, but the world itself, and plans that have been in motion for years will finally come to fruition. Heroes will fall as the new generation either rises to the challenge, or falls into darkness. Books in the Heritage of the Blood Series:  Victor Deus - Meet the main characters of the story Victor and Shawnrik, and learn about the world that they must grow up in.  Vitiosi Dei - War has once again ravaged Terroval. Victor and Shawnrik find themselves apart, and in very different circumstances than they ever thought they would be in. Events are transpiring across the face of Terrazil and beyond, and they are not patient enough to wait for our heroes to grow up.  Book Three(Summer 2016) - Just as one of our heroes worlds is starting to reform the others begins to fall apart. **
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River Of Life (Book 3)

The Final book in The Power of Ages Trilogy
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