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Saved By Her

JackI F**K. That’s all I do, all I’m good for. People pay thousands just to have a taste of me. It’s the only life I’ve ever known. …until her.RiverI work. That’s all I do, it’s my safe zone. I get paid well because I’m good at my job. It’s the only place I feel in control. …until him.
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Dancing With Devia

Dancing with Devia A man ends up on death row, awaiting his execution by lethal injection, all because of Devia. Devia could be called 'a devil woman.' She’s looking for a man she can manipulate and control. What she wants, she gets. She wants Julian and she’ll not think twice about killing anyone that stands in her way. The fact that he is already married means nothing to her. You had better hope she doesn't want your husband. Or you. A novel filled with twisted lies, deceit, passion, anger and the ultimate betrayal of trust.
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