Is This Your First War?

Less than a year before 9/11, Michael Petrou trekked through al Qaeda's backyard in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan. He was back in Central Asia within weeks of the attacks -- this time as a reporter, slipping into Afghanistan as rockets and tracer bullets lit up the night sky, carrying notebooks, stolen blankets, and a satellite phone.  In the decade that followed, Petrou has repeatedly returned to the greater Middle East, where political Islam, liberalism, ethnic and religious nationalism, and Western military intervention shape and batter the lives of those who live there. In the process, Petrou has established himself as one of Canada's premier foreign correspondents.  Petrou details a world in the midst of great turmoil and tells the stories of people who have long been held down by dictatorship and extremism and who are finally beginning to shake themselves free.
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Animal Instinct

Quinn Reilly didn't expect to chance upon the brutal murder of a brown wolf. Nor did she expect to be placed under a witness-protection programme, to testify against the murderer, Jedediah Trevino, who so happens to be her mate.Thrown into this dystopian wonderland of lycanthropes, Quinn finds herself struggling to grapple with the fact that she's Luna of the Titans, and that her mate hasn't said a word to anyone in years. Silent, vicious and bloodthirsty, Jed is a complete mystery that she can't help but attempt to unravel.But the further she navigates her way into his heart, the more she realises that Jed's far more the victim than the murderer. And now Quinn must do everything she can to prove his innocence once and for all, before she loses him forever.
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