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The Cornish Knot

Can one woman's secrets change the life of another a century later?On the anniversary of her husband's unexpected death, Megan sits at home heartbroken and disconsolate. A mysterious package arrives containing a journal written a century earlier, which shakes her out of her self-imposed seclusion and gives her strength. She embarks on a journey following in the footsteps of the journal's author, from New Zealand to Cornwall, France and Italy, uncovering a past she knows nothing about. An encounter with a fellow countryman escalates, and she finds herself caught up in the mysterious world of art and captivated by a series of unknown paintings. As she unravels her history and reveals its secrets, can she also find love again?By the award-winning author of Brigid The Girl from County Clare and Gwenna The Welsh Confectioner.
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The Disenchanted Soldier

From soldier to pacifist: In 1863, young Daniel Adin, a trained soldier, embarks on an adventure of a lifetime. In pursuit of a new life and land to farm, he travels to New Zealand to fight an unknown enemy - the fearless Maori. A hundred and thirty years later, Libby is fascinated by the stories of Daniel, who looks down at her from the aged black-and-white photos on the walls. She wants to know more, to know what he was really like, but Daniel's story is more than she had bargained for.From the award-winning author of 'Brigid The Girl from County Clare' and 'Gwenna The Welsh Confectioner', whose writing has been compared to that of Catherine Cookson's. 
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Brigid the Girl from County Clare

Like making lace, she pieces together a new life from a single thread of hope.If she stays in her beloved Ireland, she is another mouth to feed in a land plagued by starvation and poverty. If she leaves, she will never see her family again. But leave she must. There is not enough food.Heartbroken, Brigid O'Brien boards the ship that will take her to a new life in Australia, comforted only by the knowledge that her cousin Jamie will make the journey with her. Her skill as a lacemaker soon draws attention, but life doesn't always run smoothly in the harsh new landscape. Brigid must learn to conquer her fears and overcome the stigma of being a servant, a female and Irish if she is to fulfil her dream.A new start in New Zealand offers hope – until the day she encounters the man who seeks her downfall.From the award-winning novelist whose writing style has been compared with Catherine Cookson.Winner of an...
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Gwenna the Welsh Confectioner

Against overwhelming odds, can she save her legacy?Amid the bustling vibrancy of Auckland's Karangahape Road Gwenna Price is troubled. For all her youth, she is now the master confectioner in the family business since her father died. She promised to fulfil her Pa's dreams and open a shop, but with her domineering and incompetent stepbrother Elias in charge, the operation is on the brink of collapse.Gwenna is a plucky young woman with uncommon ambition. She is determined to save her legacy. Despite the obstacles put in her way, and throughout the twists and turns of love and tragedy, Gwenna is irrepressible. She refuses to relinquish her dreams and lets nothing stand in her way. But blind to anything that distracts her, Gwenna risks losing the one person who matters most.Winner of an IndieBRAG Award, a Chill with a Book Readers' Award and a Gold Standard Quality Mark.
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