Katja from the Punk Band

Katja - 1Katja, like everyone else stuck on the work island they call home, wants toget to the mainland by any means necessary. Shooting her boyfriend and stealing a chemical vial is one way to ensure her safe passage the only problemis, she's not the only one who wants it, and the freedom it will bring: There's Nikolai the joystick junkie; Aleksakhina, Katja's parole officer; Vladimir Kohl, the small-time chemical dealer, and his boss Szerynski; the rival chemical lord Dracyev, and his lover, Ylena. And there's the Man in Red, ready and waiting forwhoever is (un)lucky enough to end up with the vial. Katja from the Punk Band is Jackie Brown meets the Sex Pistols a fast-paced industrial crime-thriller that weaves multiple storylines and timeframes, from the author of Pretty Little Things to Fill Up the Void, Nothing is Inflammable, and I-O.**From Publishers WeeklyThis grungy, industrial novel is set during a dark, rainy night on an island where out-of-control industry routinely chews people into pulp. Having stolen a vial that supposedly contains a potent new drug from her sometime boyfriend, Katja hopes to barter it for passage to the mainland. Her plans lead to tenuous alliances with several equally desperate island dwellers, including junkies, drug lords, and corrupt parole officers, who cling to the belief that something—video games, drugs, self-mutilation, love, or just getting off the island—will set them free. Logan (Pretty Little Things to Fill Up the Void) maneuvers a large cast through overlapping sections of the plot, setting up characters separately and then slamming them into violent confrontations. Readers who can tolerate the deliberately unpleasant action will appreciate the skill with which it's presented. (May) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. ReviewLogan is a stylish transgressor for the next evolutionary moment. He reminds me of Harlan Ellison at his most daring and dangerous raw, fearless, unpredictable, disturbing, and much needed. --Jack O Connell, author of Word Made Flesh and The Resurrectionist Katja wants what everyone else on the island wants....to get to the mainland. The island is home to a captive workforce, controlled by chemical lords who keep the inhabitants hooked on their chemicals and arcade games. No one knows of anyone ever having escaped the island. Katja steals a vile of a supposed new chemical drug, but she s not the only one who wants it and the freedom from the island it promises to bring. Dracyev produced it; Szerynski, a rival chemical lord, wants it; Januscz, the mule, hopes it s his ticket to the mainland; and Anatoli, the parole officer, wants it to get himself and his lover Ylena off the island. Simon Logan writes an excellent and fast-paced industrial crime novel. He manages to tell the story using multiple character views of a single timeline, as well as weaving-in those characters stories from differing timelines without confusing the reader. I liked Anatoli s story the best: a man married to a chemical junkie/hypochondriac, but in love with another woman and wanting to start a new life on the mainland with his lover. Katja was hard and aggressive, but likeable how do you not like a chick in a punk band?; and Kohl, a chemical dealer and arcade manager, made me laugh with his germophobic tendencies. What I really enjoyed about KATJA FROM THE PUNK BAND was that I didn t see the end coming . . . it wasn t predictable and I hate predictability. I say definitely give it a read. --Colleen Wanglund, The Horror Fiction Review
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Nothing Is Inflammable

Nothing Is Inflammable is the second collection of industrial fiction, following up on I-O and released alongside Rohypnol Brides by Prime Books. Inside are stories of paranoid pseudo-scientists, guerilla journalists, ghosts that roam the static and punk riots amongst others.**
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