Sisters Three

There are four Conway women: indomitable Lizzie, who endures despite everythign that life in Glasgow can throw at her, and Lizzie's three daughters, each one combining Lizzie's iron will with her own ambitions and desires.Now, as the 1930s draw to a close and war threatens, each sister struggles with her life and loves. Polly lives in luxury as the wife of the overprotective Dominic Manone, while Babs has her hands full with her demanding brood and her fast-talking husband. Only Rosie seems to have found peace in Shelby's Bookshop...until a young policeman comes around. While Polly seeks distraction in a dangerous affair, her husband is drawn into a venture involving a sinister go-between, a beautiful and amoral blond, and an unimaginable fortune.As the web of suspicion and deceit tightens around Dominic, Polly finds herself threatened from all sides until she is finally forced to make difficult choices about her sisters, her husband, and her own unfulfilled...
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Prized Possessions

In Jessicsa Stirling's Prized Possessions, Lizzie Conway has clawed her way out of the slums despite the crippling debt left behind by a long-vanished husband. To give her three daughters a better life, Lizzie sacrifices her own chance of happiness to break the endless round of poverty that engulfs them. But as the girls grow up, Lizzie is unable to protect them from the biggest threat of all—falling in love with men like their father.
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Shamrock Green

The marriage of Sylvie and Gowry McCulloch was not made in heaven and has gone through difficult times. Settled now in Dublin, they have a daughter, Maeve, whom they both love dearly. Sylvie presides over the respectable Shamrock Hotel while Gowry is a driver for Flanagan's bus company.When Francis Hagarty explodes into their lives, however, everything changes. Fran is a journalist and gunrunner and hides a shipment of smuggled arms in the Shamrock. Gowry discovers it and, sensing danger, is furious. But Sylvie has already fallen in love with Fran and is soon swept into an illicit affair. Trapped in a tangle of subversion that he has resisted all his life, Gowry is forced to flee Dublin and becomes caught up in the war in Europe. As Gowry struggles to survive the horrors of trench warfare in France and Sylvie and precocious daughter Maeve are drawn into the Easter Uprising at home, the family's future hinges on heartbreaking choices, any one of which may lead to...
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The Wayward Wife

The war everyone dreaded has begun at last but for Susan Cahill it is more an adventure than a tragedy. Helped by a white lie about her marriage to Danny she has a new job as a producer's assistant at the BBC. And glamorous new friends, including one American war reporter who has made London his base and Susan his target. Danny is also working for the BBC, sharing a room in a freezing farmhouse in Evesham, working long hours monitoring German radio broadcasts - and worrying about Susan. Stuck in London when the blitz begins, Susan's sister-in-law, Breda Hooper, faces up to the worst with a small son at home and a husband in the fire service. Then her Italian father, hiding out from both the authorities and his former partners in crime, prepares to leave Breda a legacy as explosive as any German bomb.
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Whatever Happenened to Molly Bloom?

The first in a new series featuring Detective Jim Kinsella. Who murdered Molly? Was it Leopold Bloom, in the kitchen, with a teapot . . .?This finely crafted historical mystery, using several recognizable characters and the famous setting from James Joyce's Ulysses, marks an intriguing departure for saga writer Jessica Stirling.Detective Inspector Jim Kinsella of the Dublin police force is called to the scene when the body of Molly Bloom has been found in her own kitchen where she has been beaten to death with a teapot. Although her husband, Leopold Bloom, is immediately taken into custody without a convincing alibi, Kinsella begins to have his doubts and suspicion falls upon Molly's fellow singer and alleged lover, Hugh 'Blazes' Boylan.Kinsella, aided by his colleague, Inspector Tom Machin, probes the conflicting stories of Bloom and Boylan. Were the pair seen fighting outside a brothel the night of Molly's murder? And what of the unusual scent, imported...
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The Good Provider

Kirsty, an 'orphan brat' escapes from the remote Ayrshire farm where she was a servant and runs away with her sweetheart, Craig Nelson. With little money and still strangers to each other, they travel to Glasgow and set up in a 'marriage' that is never made legal. Ambitious and impatient to get on, Craig falls in with a gang of sly and vicious thieves and soon sinks into a life of drink and crime. Meanwhile, Kirsty has met the handsome and charming David Lockhart, a medical missionary soon to return to China. But she is bound by loyalty to Craig, a less than ideal husband who can only bring her hardship and heartbreak . . .
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The Piper's Tune

Jessica Stirling's Glasgow comes to scintillating life in a story of love and fortune set in Edwardian Scotland.Lindsay Franklin's life is an adventure she has just begun to enjoy. At eighteen, Arthur Franklin's cosseted daughter has left her Glasgow school and finds her role as a marriageable young lady with a widowed father more than agreeable. And the source of her family's wealth, the Franklins' shipbuilding yard on Clydeside, is prospering as the long peace of Queen Victoria's reign gives way to the feverish arms race of the new century.But Lindsay's life takes an unexpected turn when she is given a share of the family business. Equally unexpected is the appearance of Forbes McCullough, her charming Irish cousin whose attentions she secretly welcomes. To everyone's surprise, Lindsay decides to master the family business as carefully as her male cousins. What is not surprising is that several eligible men have decided that it is time to master Lindsay.As the...
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Wives at War

As Glasgow waits for enemy bombers to reach Clydeside and the German invasion to begin, Lizzie Conway's daughters throw themselves wholeheartedly into the war effort and eagerly accept their roles as working wives in Jessica Stirling's enthralling new novel set in the darkest days of the Second World War.With her husband in the army, mother-of-four Babs sends three of her darlings to the country and goes back to work long hours in an office. Her comfortable routine is disrupted, however, when a charming American news photographer insinuates himself into her life, an American who may not be all that he seems.Rosie's job as a skilled factory worker is marred by the taunts of her cruel and snobbish coworkers. Eager to start a family but fearful that she might pass her deafness to her children, she blames her ambitious policeman husband for her desperate unhappiness and risks not only her marriage but her future because of it.Wealthy and self assured, Polly...
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