Centenary Separation

Now they’re each lost and alone, on their own in a strange time.An error with the supposedly fixed master time-travel device sends Turner to the middle of the desert in 1962 and lands Matt and Page in 1912 San Francisco, but on different days and to surprising effect. Meanwhile Anya goes back in time to try to change her personal past, with disastrous results. Leaving Nye to conduct her research alone and on her own in New York City, where she gets mistaken for a terrorist…(Watchbearers, Book 2)
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Millennium Crash

What do you do when it all goes sideways? Because going back is not an option.EVERYTHING GOES WRONG when the first research expedition from the future lands in the summer of 2000 in New York City. The master time-travel device is destroyed, the professor in charge is killed, and the rest of the travelers are scattered across that ancient metropolis. They’re stranded in the past, their project in a shambles from the start, and their troubles are only beginning…Watchbearers Book 1. The adventures continue with Book 2: Centenary Separation, Book 3: Uncertain Murder, and Book 4: Prohibited Activities.
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Whispers of the Dead (Miraibanashi, #1)

From the author of the Slowpocalypse and Watchbearers books, the first novel in a dystopian espionage trilogy—    IN THE SHADOW of Mt. Fuji, in a far future Japan, the oppressive Batsu government controls the rebuilding of the devastated country, bestowing boons on privileged citizens while leaving most to fend for themselves on the fringes.  After a disastrous job ends with Batsu enforcers hunting him, reformed thief Roshike runs—right into the heart of their regime, the fortified Gaku complex, to take on an almost impossible task.  And he just might stand a slim chance of success, if only he’ll accept the help of a few friends.  But first he has to choose the right ones.(Miraibanashi, Book 1)
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