The Rising Sons Motorcycle Club

No woman had ever joined the Rising Sons...until now.Raven is tough, strong, and she lives for the rush of the open road. She's trying for something that no woman has ever done, and the Rising Sons aren't going to make it easy for her. When trouble comes to the Rising Sons, though, she might be the only one man enough to stand against it. Gunner is ride or die. The club was the only thing on his mind until Raven showed up. As soon as he saw her, he had to have her. She's not just another lay to him, but an equal; someone he can stand beside. She's everything he wanted, but didn't know existed in a woman. When the president of the MC is attacked and put into a coma, the club starts to crumble. Tensions rise when Raven and Gunner both try to step in and lead. Together, they have to stop old enemies and new from tearing down everything that is the Rising Sons Motorcycle Club.
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You've got to go through Hell before you get to Heaven Charity has complete control at her job, but outside the strip club, her life is a mess. She's broke and her ex-boyfriend is stalking her. She'd go to the police, except he's on the force. She needs a little muscle to get things done. Tanner is a muscular, tattooed biker willing to do just about anything for a pretty girl. He and Charity come up with a business plan that is win-win, but what started out as business quickly turns into something far more personal. With her crazy ex hunting her down, Charity has only one man that can keep her safe, a man she's beginning to feel is more than just a business partner...
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Outlaw Country

Colton doesn't give a damn. Period.Colton Wade is outlaw country. He doesn't care what or who he trashes. As long as he gets a groupie and a drink after the show, he'll go to bed more than satisfied. He's a rising star with his eyes on the prize, and nothing is going to stand his way. Gracie Hart is as pure as pure can be, but she doesn't see that as a good thing. She's a pop-princess looking to lose some of that purity. It ain't the easiest ask with her mother managing her career and her every step. Gracie is ready to do a little living, and Colton might just be the man to make her a woman. When their record company brings the two stars together to sing a duet, there's more than just musical harmony. There's no doubt in Colton's mind that he has to have her. Gracie's mother knows Colton is no good, and she'll do whatever it takes to make sure Gracie stays as pure as white sheets drying in the Georgia breeze.**
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