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Spectre at the Feast

East Berlin, 1994In the wake of a divisive referendum, the people of the GDR are struggling to find common ground. Concerned that populist leader, Klaus Kaminsky, is poised to take power in East Germany, Karo and Martin come together again to defend the grassroots democracy they are helping to build. But as Kaminsky holds rallies across the country, the mood of the people of the GDR begins to change. Can the delicate balance of round tables and workers' councils survive, or will the country be dragged back into the authoritarian rule of the past? " The Soldiers' Council of the Border Regiment 33 had ameeting this morning. We're on strike." "You call this being on strike?" "Yeah, fun isn't it?" Book 3 of the East Berlin Series __
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Almost Japanese

In Sarah Sheard's celebrated novel Almost Japanese, a young girl's obsession with a famous Japanese musician blossoms into personal transformation. In spare, lyrical prose, Sheard documents Emma's discovery of her new next door neighbour, a dazzling Japanese symphony conductor. Things Japanese soon begin to transform Emma's world. Several years later, she must journey to Japan on a private pilgrimage to connect to the source of her obsession.
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