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Witch Flame

From the author of the bestselling Whispers Series, comes a new fantasy saga...Witch Flame (A Keepers of the Stones prelude novelette)Feira, a fledgling witch just discovering her own powers, must battle warriors and monsters before she and her true love can find a safe haven away from the vengeful eye of a jealous goddess.Bonus read origin myth, The Beginning of Time, included.There’s something magic inside us all – and it’s trying to get out!The rules of chance, even physical laws, are breaking down. The time of magic is returning.And Bethlehem Jones finds she’s sharing her body with Lynese, an unpredictable water-sprite entrapped within one of her ancestors in an ancient war.Hell-bent on restarting that war, bigger, more powerful magical spirits are attempting to break free of their own human confinement. Can Beth use Lynese’s powers without relinquishing her own control? Or is untrustworthy Lynese her most dangerous foe of all?
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Say You Love Me

I love Cesar Cruz. God, how I love him. He's confessed to loving me, too. But sometimes words mean nothing when spoken in the throes of passion. I don't just need Cesar to say he loves me; I need him to show me his love is real. My faith in men has been shattered before. How can I be sure this time will be different?My friends say I'm rushing this relationship, that I hardly know him. Maybe they're right, but I'm too far gone to pull out now. I only hope Cesar will prove them wrong, because I don't think I can take another heartbreak. 
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Spirit of the Sea Witch

A scorned woman’s revenge burns hotter than a pyre. The vengeance of a goddess is more destructive than a thousand fires.   * * * Desperate to escape the wrath of the vengeful sky goddess, Madhea, a group of brave young explorers flees to the sea in search of safe haven for their people while the apprentice witch, Dianna, steals away Madhea’s dragon to the Shifting Sands. Though they are an ocean apart, the future of humanity lies in their entwined fates. Before they can defeat Madhea, they must stop the vindictive sea goddess, Eris, from destroying the world. 
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Tempted by Her Wolves: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Hungry for Her Wolves Book 4)

Used to her independence, Dr. Eilea Johnson represses her sexual desires and avoids the four wolf shifters claiming she's their mate. When a virus sweeps through the Alaska reservation, threatening to wipe out the entire shifter population, Eilea is their last hope for survival. As she races against time to find a cure, a demonic spirit threatening her life may force her to give in to the temptation she's been resisting but secretly craving.
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Scorn of the Sky Goddess

With the balance of power shifting, the young witch Dianna must destroy the Sky Goddess, Madhea, before the world turns into a frozen tomb. First, she'll need to convince the Ice People to give her their goddess stones, making them vulnerable to Madhea's wrath. Next, she must take on an army of dwarves and giants to retrieve the final and most powerful stone. Only then will her magic be strong enough to match the Sky Goddess. But even with all the goddess stones, she can't fight Madhea alone. Forced to rely on two men competing for her love, she must convince the rivals to work together while ignoring her pining heart.
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Curse of the Ice Dragon

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara WestWinner of the eFestival of Words Best Action/AdventureBorn with mark of the Mighty Hunter, Markus saves his village from the brink of starvation-for whenever he releases an arrow, his aim is true. But despite his skill and strength, Markus is unable to confront his tyrannical father. Shamed by his cowardice, he distracts himself by needlessly shooting the forest creatures.When Markus takes no heed of the village prophet's warning that his actions will attract The Hunter's Curse—for every animal Markus kills, his loved ones will suffer the same fate—the Sky Goddess unleashes her ice dragon.Now, Markus must flee the dragon without killing it ... or his beloved brother will be the next to die.
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Sophie's Secret

Sophie Sinora and her BFFs struggle to keep their strengthening paranormal powers secret while trying to fit in at school.Her teacher's suicidal thoughts, a threatening locker bully, a teasing school flirt, her hormonal pregnant sister, and the tension between Sophie and her friends, only add to her problems. Hopefully, she can fix them in time to save her teacher's life and her social life.After shedding 30 pounds of baby fat, Sophie Sinora has grown into a pretty, but insecure, teen in bloom. To make her life more complicated, Sophie can sometimes read minds.Sophie's BFFs, AJ and Krysta, are also 'gifted' with paranormal abilities. Keeping their gifts secret proves difficult, as their powers are strengthening, making them feel more and more like freaks. When Sophie falls for Jacob, she hopes he'll ask her out to the Freshman Formal. But when she's forced to cheat and lie for him, she wonders how far she'll have to go to make him like her. Add to her growing list of problems - her teacher's suicidal thoughts, a locker bully who wants to kick her butt, the hot school flirt who won't stop teasing her, her pregnant sister who boots Sophie out of her room, and the growing tension between Sophie and her best friends. Sophie's got issues. Hopefully, she can fix them in time to save her teacher's life and her social life.
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Desperate for Her Wolves

Book three in the bestselling Hungry for Her Wolves Series by USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara WestThe threads of Amara's happy life are quickly unraveling as external forces threaten to tear her family apart. Branded as a killer, a lone wolf's fateful decision severs the truce between the Amaroki and the government. Trapped on the reservation, Amara and her mates struggle to find a way out to capture the lone wolf and save the one man who can heal the rift between wolfkind and mankind. But they are running out of time. A power-hungry federal agent and a blood-thirsty mob are closing in on Amara's family. She must figure out how to stop them before the conflict escalates into a full-scale war.
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Academy for Misfit Witches

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara WestSeraphina Goldenwand, heiress to the largest fortune in all four magical realms, isn't really a bad girl. At least she tries not to be. A small indiscretion with her professor shouldn't have resulted in the major scandal that got Serah kicked out of her posh private school and sent to Dame Doublewart's Academy for Misfit Witches. Her new school is a dungeon—literally. Luckily, three sexy dragon shifters save her from a miserable and lonely detention, and they enjoy a night that will forever alter the course of their lives. Draque, Teju, and Ladon Firesbreath, wayward dragon princes and masters of mischief, can't believe their good fortune when they rescue the beautiful witch from a night of fright, then discover she is just as turned on by them as they are by her. Little do they know that while they're locked away in their protective magical cocoon, someone will raze the school to the ground and frame them for the crime. Left with no choice but to flee, Serah and the dragon princes are forced to rely on one another. But when their trust in each other is shaken, they must learn to overcome their fears before their enemies find them.
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Fighting for Her Wolves: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Hungry for Her Wolves Book 5)

When lone wolf Annie Thunderfoot's human brother is threatened by a crazed shifter chieftain, she flies to Texas to diffuse the situation. She's thrust smack in the middle of a shifter civil war, and the insane chieftain is her mates' father. Annie's dreams of finding her fated mates are crushed when she realizes they are being manipulated by a madman. Before she can fight for the men who want to claim her, she must first uncover her alpha's dark past and convince him he's worthy of love. Her plans are put on hold when a tricky demon threatens her, forcing her to choose between fighting for love and saving her soul.
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The Drazen World: Dominate (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Two months. That’s how much time I have to woo Hollywood before I have to go back to my job in Houston, teaching high school drama. I don’t have time to be patient, and I damn well am not about to settle for being a stereotype. They got the wrong Latina if they think Ariana Delarosa Alvarado is going to play by their rules. I’ve got my own set of rules, especially in the bedroom, and I plan on enforcing them between auditions. I can think of no better way to relieve my stress than by seducing my neighbor, tall, toned, and delicious Dr. Brad Thorensen. I only hope I don’t scare away my Nordicgod before teaching him how to enjoy my brand of kink. **
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Krysta's Curse

Krysta Richard's ability to talk to spirits is getting in the way of her social life. Just as the chemistry between her and her lab partner, Bryon, is about to ignite, a homicide detective asks her to summon a murder victim, her drunk father suddenly takes an interest in her life and her dead friends enlist her in a crusade to save their decrepit cemetery.
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