The Wellington Bureau: A Quartermain Mystery

Anna, Lady Quartermain, is a grieving widow at twenty-five. In an attempt to restart her life she sets up the Wellington Bureau, an investigation agency. A failed bank robbery, a jewel thief, and a callous murderer – set against a background of aristocratic England.Former lovers are reunited as a hurricane approaches the island of Oahu.Once, Julianna was plain Julie Ann, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who dared to love the son of the town's most powerful family. Gray loved her, too, and married her to give their unborn child a name, but sometimes love isn't enough. Ten years later they meet again. She is successful, beautiful, and certain that a decade ago he betrayed her, but despite their painful past, both are helpless to deny a love that never died. As secrets are slowly revealed and new and surprising friendships develop with otherrefugees from the storm, the past and present come together in one tumultuous explosion.From Glowing Embers is the first book of a four book series set among four islands in the Pacific. Smoke Screen, Rainbow Fire and Out of the Ashes follow, featuring characters introduced here.
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Paula & Her Professor

Unlike her younger student classmates, Paula Bailey is prepared to argue that her theories are equally as valid as those of her Professor and is challenged to prove her claims by taking part in a summer-long experiment to be conducted by him. Unwilling to back down and lose face, she accepts  his challenge and at the end of Spring term, finds herself in a situation far beyond her experience...and even farther beyond her control... At the remote, totally secure location selected by Professor Goss, Paula is unable to escape or resist the conditioning and submission imposed on her by his incredible experiments and as the weeks speed by, she learns that he has much more in mind than simply testing her theory. Will she be able to defy his machines and his plans for her future.....and by the time the Summer break is over, will she even want to?
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Fantasy Man

Erotica/Romance. 31936 words long.
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