The Chimney: The Merc Papers

When Emily Doyle travels by airship to New Doral, the last thing she expects is to meet a polite young man who helps a gang of slavers drug and kidnap her. Yet those operating in the shadows of the Chimney have no idea who they’re dealing with. Managing a daring escape, the petite and gutsy white-haired vir is determined to find out who’s behind her abduction and to retrieve something taken from her. Emily’s search leads her to unexpected places, jobs, and friends. But nothing could have prepared her for life in the Chimney, New Doral’s multilevel set of enclosed cities where citizens can either thrive or merely survive depending on their race, sex, and class. Emily won’t let those in power, as well as those in the Chimney’s underbelly, stop her from unearthing the truth. All she needs is a Merc license, and she can locate her abductors, find what she’s lost, and stop her captors from harming anyone else. Too bad it’s not that simple. Intent on remaining true to her values and following her “path,” Emily must find justice for the oppressed while exposing the cracks in the Chimney’s system, all the while still following the belief system in which she was raised.
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The Briefing

"The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President is one of the best reads of 2018." — Sean Hannity "The book is well worth your time." — Megyn Kelly "A friend of mine and a man who has truly seen politics and life as few others will, Sean Spicer, has written a great new book, The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President. It is a story told with both heart and knowledge. Really good, go get it!" — President Donald J. Trump No job is more of a pressure cooker than being a White House press secretary...especially in this White House. For more than two decades, Sean Spicer had been a respected political insider, working as a campaign and communications strategist. But in December 2016, he got the call of a lifetime. President-elect Donald J. Trump had chosen him to be the White House press secretary. And life hasn't been the same...
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Summer of the Guns

In the desolate cityscape of Depression-era Phoenix, twelve-year old Billie Jean Moran has journeyed west to flee a troubled past with her deaf sister, Sara. But they find themselves in the midst of another catastrophe—this time involving a scandal that implicates even the Arizona governor. When political crooks peg Billie's African-American father as an unsuspecting fall guy, Billie and Sara are forced to go into hiding. In the course of their ordeal, the sisters find unlikely allies in the form of a broken-down ex-insurance salesman, a juvenile delinquent, and a prison nurse. Through bravery and cunning, Billie, Sara, and their friends bring the real criminals to justice and triumph over fear, discrimination, and injustice.
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Growing into War

Michael Gills widely documentary film of the Second World War as he observed it.|Michael Gill is widely regarded as being one of the finest documentary film-makers of the twentieth century. Working as a junior reporter, he experienced the Second World War at first hand when he and his family were bombed out of their Canterbury home in June 1942. In August that year Michael joined the RAF and swiftly encountered the incomprehensible pettiness and rule-bound incongruities of service life. Later commissioned into the RAF Intelligence Branch, he was attached to a tactical bomber squadron in the build-up to D-Day and flew as an observer on operations over the devastated Normandy countryside. As the war moved towards its awful conclusion, Michael journeyed to Holland and on into Germany with his unit, witnessing the final days of the war and its pathetic aftermath for ordinary Germans. This beautifully observed memoir of the Second World War is head and shoulders above the many other...
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