Dusk Along the Niobrara

Dunbar, working on a ranch in the Niobrara country in Wyoming, connects the death of a hardscrabble homesteader with the death of an old horse trader some fifteen years earlier. As Dunbar goes to work on a corral project in town and then on fall roundup, more murders take placeā€”a wandering drunk who has picked up gossip in an alehouse, and then the proprietor of the alehouse. People who know too much are being silenced. An old woman named Verona tells of an ancient crime on Old Woman Creek, where a sheepherder was killed and his partner escaped. In a final scene at the new shipping pens, Dunbar brings forth the witnesses, and a showdown erupts, with Dunbar bringing justice to the Niobrara country.
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Good Water

Tommy Reeves and his pal Red Armstrong make friends with the Mexican people who live near the ranch where they work. Their foreman tells them to stay away fromthe Mexican girls, but the boys do not heed the warning and are fired. Then they find out that Vinch Cushman, their former employer, is trying to force the Mexican people off their land by damming the creek that supplies their water. When Red goes to sabotage the dam, he is shot dead. Tommy joins the Mexicans intheir exodus, but Cushman is not content with just driving them away. They will have to endure his repeated attacks until a final showdown determines the fate of all involved
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Death at Dark Water

Devon, an artist, came to the isolated little town to paint the old church. Instead he became caught up in a web of passion, power and murder. He believes an accused murderer is innocent and takes it upon himself to find the real killer.
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Gather My Horses

Tom Fielding rides headlong into trouble when he helps some small ranchers stand up to the big cattlemen who are trying to push them around.
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