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Stone Cold Knockout

Big Jimmy’s House of Pain is an old-school boxing gym in Manhattan, run by an old-school guy named, what else? Big Jimmy. He’s charismatic, loud, and loving. For the last 25 years, he’s also been a foster father, taking in the worst behaved children in the New York City system and reforming them through the love of the sport of boxing. This series will follow the members of Big Jimmy's rag tag family of outcasts, as they find out the meaning of love, whether they feel like they deserve it or not. When Gennifer Rodriguez meets Mikhail, a recent transplant to New York City, at Big Jimmy’s House of Pain, sparks immediately fly. When he bests her in the ring, he tells her exactly what he wants from her. Gennifer agrees, on one condition, that he train her for an upcoming competition. But when Gennifer’s match takes a violent turn, Mikhail reveals his own dark side. The stone cold Russian is out for blood…but at what cost?
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