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The Summer of Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot Spratt, respected and much feared senior consultant at St Swithin's has finally taken the plunge and retired to enjoy the quiet life. No longer able to fill his days terrorising staff and patients alike, he turns instead to a new passion - a spot of trout fishing. However his solace and quiet reverie at the fishpond is soon broken by his niece - the mischievous and rather attractive Euphemia. With her engaging smile (and with her glands the way they are) it is not long before a young physician falls madly and helplessly in love with her. And if this wasn't enough to deal with, Sir Lancelot's neighbour announces that he alone has fishing rights to the pond. www.houseofstratus.com
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Surgeon at Arms

Graham Trevose was one of the few. He was a plastic surgeon, turned from the peacetime correction of nature’s female flaws, to the reconstruction of the faces and bodies of men hideously burned by war.In the wards of a converted mad-house he restored their belief in themselves, gave them courage and grew upon their scarred tissues, new noses, fingers,lips and eyebrows… they called him ‘the wizard’.But he had enemies too. When Graham look a mistress from his own ward staff, they launched a conspiracy to deprive him of his authority, his work, and even his love."Authentic and exciting!"EVENING NEWSUNITED KINGDOM 6/- (30p) AUSTRLIA 1.00c SOUTH AFRICA    75cNEW ZEALAND 85c EAST AFRICA    7/25COVER PRINTED IN ENGLAND BY ACORN LITHO FELTHAM MIDDLESEX
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