Disasters at Sea

A fully illustrated collection of the most thrilling shipwrecks of all time!Experience the mystery and wonder of the bottom of the sea with over sixty accounts of shipwreck catastrophes. Illustrated with detailed maps and shipwreck locations, Disasters at Sea takes readers on a fascinating journey through history and to the ocean floor. Learn all about the historical details and theories of the most infamous shipwrecks—from the most well-known sinkings like the Titanic, to the obscure, mysterious drifting ghost ships and unexplained disappearances. Subjects include:• Tragedies by Mother Nature• Shipwrecks and war• Fatal errors• Legends, myths, mysteries• And many more!Whether by human error, collision, piracy, or mutiny, this book has them all. With shipwrecks from the Old Testament, to ancient Greece, to modern times, this exciting book is compellingly written with accompanying sources,...
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The Lost Band of Brothers

They were Britain's own Second World War 'Band of Brothers': a privately selected secret army of 50 cross-channel raiders who formed the elite Small Scale Raiding Force. Part SOE, part Combined Operations, their full story of courage, audacity and ultimate tragedy has never been told before. Created after the fall of Dunkirk, the raiders were much admired, especially by Churchill. In almost twenty daring missions over two years they kidnapped sentries, ambushed patrols and shot prisoners, reaping havoc along the rim of Hitler's Festung Europa. One night, they landed in a secret armed reconnaissance mission at what would become Omaha Beach and ran into a German patrol, with nowhere to hide but the sea, they were gunned down. Those left behind continued their extraordinary legacy, told here for the first time by Tom Keene.
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